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The Daly News Volume 106

Jun 28, 2018

I am so excited to be coming back to Australia for my Winning Sales Strategies, Driving Sales Workshop.

    • Melbourne – 23 July 2018
    • Sydney-24 July 2018
  • Brisbane- 26 July 2018

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Take your team to an explosive new level of growth and success with groundbreaking sales leadership tactics and strategies. Internationally renowned sales management expert, Jack Daly brings over 30 years of field-proven experience to provide essential techniques to accelerate business growth, drive sales and build a world-class sales organization. Many sales executives understand sales skills but execute them poorly. This highly interactive seminar provides proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while building long-term client relationships.

You Will Learn

    • Unique strategies for capturing and closing more leads
    • Low-cost tactics for increasing the value of your prospect and customer lists
    • How to drive greater sales and profits with existing resources
    • Leveraging the web and social media to increase sales
    • Build a world-class sales organization through recruitment, empowerment, training, coaching & leadership and a winning culture
    • SMART Selling – learn how to sell smarter through offering value and recognition systems
    • Communication – Social & Buying Styles, Personality Profiles & The Call Critique – The Relationship Selling & Management Process
    • The Laws for Self Renewal, Target & Personal Marketing
  • Everything you need to know to Double Your Sales!

Who Should Attend

    • Sales teams
    • Marketing managers
    • CEOs and business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs


Our Summer issue of Jack’d Magazine will be published in July with 32 pages of game breaking content, including contributions from Gary Vaynerchuk and Mel Robbins amongst other thought leaders.

If you would like to receive copy, just email [email protected] with your street address (USA only). The magazine is free and loaded with actions to increase your success as a salesperson, sales manager or business owner. Time to GET JACK’D!


Most of our readers are well acquainted with my history of goal setting and attendant accomplishments. While I always have goals that provide short term incentive/rewards to further fuel more accomplishments, the longer term goals are where the bigger challenges occur. Last month I announced the celebration that occurred as I completed 50 state marathons completed. Well, that took a good 14 years to get it done. This month I got to celebrate finishing the Great Wall Marathon in China, which represented a finish to my goal of a marathon on all 8 continents! This goal took over 10 years to accomplish. A bonus as well this month was getting to play a round of golf on the #1 golf course in the world – Pine Valley -, which now represents 95 of the Top 100 courses completed, covering 18 years in process.

Keys to success here can be succinctly stated: 1) putting the goals down in writing, and going public with them (amazing how many people will come out of nowhere to help you with your goals, as long as they know what they are!); 2) having an accountability system, where people are regularly checking in with you and holding you to what you say (I have 5 people who one-on-one meet with me 4 times each year; that’s 20 sessions of accountability each year) ; 3) tracking and measuring activities, which enables one to break the big goals down into bite size pieces, which they provides momentum for your success.

I’ve got plenty more to do on my Bucket List, take a look! Who knows, you might find something to put on your list, or even be able to help me with some that have yet to be checked off the list. Life is to be lived, seize the day!


How about this for a recommendation! NETFLIXED by Gina Keating, as this business tale reads like a fast paced novel. I found I couldn’t put it down as the story unfolds in the epic battle with Blockbuster. So many business take away’s for any enterprising entrepreneur, as well as anyone in the profession of sales. No teasers this month, just go read the book!


This ALL-NEW three hour, 9am-12pm, sales based session is designed to teach you what you need to know to get to the top of your game. Jack will show you how to apply street tested techniques that will make the difference, as well as reinforce and provide accountability to ensure things are getting done. This presentation is fast paced, practical, content rich and filled with take-away value.

What You Will Learn:

  1. The Power of the Sales Playbook
  2. Shortest Course on Selling: Learn to differentiate yourself from the masses.
  3. Goal Setting and Measurement: Learn to build specific goal setting processes to ensure success.
  4. Perception of Value is Key: Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  5. Building a Touch System: Learn to get through the gate keeper and get around the price objection.
  6. Five Laws of Self Renewal: Learn time management strategies and beat back call reluctance.

And More!

Register now


Register for today for one of only TWO remaining Sales and Management Summits. Our workshop calendar is significantly smaller than years past so start planning today to join Jack in one of the cities below……

    • October 9, 2018- Smart Selling Workshop- Dublin, Ireland


Jack has his own YouTube Channel. Subscribe now and benefit from a quick “Jack Fix” to start your sales day, along with a take action proven system/process for additional business success. Here are a couple to wet your appetite!


Here’s the schedule of cities I will be conducting programs in over the next few months (some for clients, others are open seat workshops.) I may have flexibility in my scheduling for lunch, dinner or more should someone have an interest. If you see I’m headed to your part of the world, feel free to email [email protected].

July- Los Angeles, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Nashville.

Aug- Nashville, Las Vegas, Tallahassee, Vancouver, Los Angeles.

Sept– Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Las Vegas.

If any article in this newsletter would be of interest to your co-workers, customers or clients we would appreciate having you forward it along.

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