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Keynote Speaking& Special Engagements

Jack Daly is a customized speaker providing clients with a program developed especially
for their event and audience. Jack delivers explosive keynote, break out, half and full day presentations that inspire audiences to action. His presentations cover the areas of sales, sales management, corporate culture, customer loyalty, and personal motivation. His speaking ability, unique delivery style, and contagious enthusiasm captivate audiences, providing insight into how to achieve success in business and in life.

    The reality of sales is: people do not want to be sold. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys having someone try to sell them something. Jack’s first directive to salespeople when it comes to selling strategies is to quit selling. It doesn’t work so just stop!

    In today’s business climate knowing “what” to do is not enough; what is really needed is the “how.” Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure growth of your company. Through this presentation, audiences will learn how to earn trust by caring first, turn prospects into clients via pipeline management, help others buy instead of selling them something, and so much more.


    If you want to grow your sales, grow your quantity and quality of your salespeople. No matter how good a top sales performer may be, they are ultimately limited by the hours in the day. The key, then, is targeted recruiting.

    As well, the best sales performers—regardless of industry—have common threads amongst them, which Jack calls “best practices.” The sensible approach, then, is to model the masters and incorporate their winning systems and processes into a Sales Playbook.

    Jack reveals the path to developing, coaching, and practicing the Playbook for exceptional performance. Through this engaging presentation audiences will learn the importance of operating with a proven Playbook, hands-on coaching, recruiting top sales performers, and more!


    Whether it’s the Super Bowl or World Series, when the winning team celebrates in the locker room, the players often say the same thing: “What made the difference for us is we’re a family. We care about each other. We help out wherever we can for the benefit of the whole.” This is the kind of attitude companies need to develop.

    There are four key components to building a winning culture:

    • Recognition systems
    • Communication systems
    • Empowerment systems
    • Personal and professional development processes

    Jack’s corporate culture presentation has been designed to help company leadership recognize the importance of a building corporate culture by design, not by default, and its bottom-line effects on performance. If you get the culture right, everything becomes easier. If you don’t, all is hard.


    All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners invest and prioritize their time and energy to build a successful business at the expense of a successful personal life. It doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, many of the habits, strategies, and tactics employed with running your business can be successfully applied to your personal life, as well.

    Jack will help people discover the things they value most in life and how best to achieve and accomplish them. Learn how to live a more balanced life, how to prioritize actions to build a quality life along with a quality business, how to create a system to hold yourself accountable for achieving your personal goals, and so much more.



    Jack Daly draws on 30+ years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and sales coach to deliver lively, in-depth and educational sales workshops. These experiences have helped Jack to forge street-tested methods of selling that have been proven to work.

    During these workshops, critical topic areas are covered, including: the importance of accountability, territory planning methods and identifying new priorities.

    Sales teams and leaders that attend Jack’s workshops often find that they gain a new understanding of their own personal skills and abilities. They leave with a clear, concise idea of how to build a superior sales force, sell through value and building relationships, develop a positive culture, remain goal-focused and motivated and retain quality salespeople.

    Learn about the art of Smart Selling and management success from one of the best in the business! To have your sales team attend one of Jack Daly’s educational sales workshops in your area, see below or contact us for more information.

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    Experience Jack Daly’s world famous Smart Selling workshop and learn ways to sell smarter, not harder. Jack’s history as a CEO, entrepreneur, and sales coach make him an expert on sales best practices, and his workshops rejuvenate audiences, giving them a newfound understanding of their own skills and capabilities in the workplace.

    Through this engaging and interactive session, you will learn what it takes to reach your full selling potential. Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure the growth of your company.

    This six hour session is designed to teach you what you need to know to get to the top of your sales game. Jack will show you how to apply street-tested techniques that will make the difference, as well as reinforce and provide accountability to ensure things are getting done. This presentation is fast-paced, practical, content rich, and filled with take-away value.

    Doing business today means sales people and business execs must know “how” to attract clients. Knowing “what” to do is no longer enough. Execution of the proper systems and processes throughout the sales team is essential to both winning new customers and growing the ones you already have.

    Experience the Management Success workshop and learn how to create a winning culture in your company. This means your employees actually look forward to coming in to work daily instead of “having to go to work.” A business with happy and motivated employees enjoys a sustainable competitive advantage over its industry peers whose culture is weak. Learn effective ways to recruit, coach, and train your sales force with proven sales processes that when applied consistently ensure sales success.

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