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If you think Jack Daly is just another motivational speaker… then You Don’t Know Jack!

Bill Kimberlin
Concorde Holdings, LLC

Outstanding Sales Coach and Key Note Speaker!! Jack has been the most talked about speaker at our industry annual conference (NACCB) for the last few years. Very high energy and packs a ton of great ideas into his presentations regarding increasing sales, increasing organizational efficiencies, and improving company culture! I highly recommend Jack!!

Steve Norris
EdgeTech Consulting, Inc.

Jack is an incredible and dynamic speaker on sales and corporate culture. His process is actionable and his energy is unparalleled. I’m pleased to know Jack and am comfortable recommending him to anyone.

Nan Palmero
Denim Group

I have known and worked with Jack in a variety of situations including as a speaker and a consultant. Jack’s openness, passion, energy, skills and expertise in unmatched. I consider Jack one of my “gurus” in life and in business.

Damon Gersh , President & CEO
Maxons Restorations

I have had the pleasure of having Jack address groups of CEO’s and he always gets rave reviews for his delivery, content, and applicability of the information he dispenses.

Mike Craig
Crestcom International, LLC

The “Best in his industry” Guaranteed.

Oditza Carrasco
Affinity Lending

I didn’t need to tell you what it takes to hold the attention of an “All-CEO” group such as mine, because you did it. All too often, speakers come from theory without practice. Your background indicated “you’ve been there” and your presentation showed it. The most frequent comment heard was the amount of immediately implementable action ideas delivered.

Dick Swanson , Chairman
The Executive Committee (TEC)

What rave reviews you received for your presentation at the RPMA conference. The comments I got were that everyone wanted more. This is the 12th year for the conference, and I think yours was the best review I’ve received in all 12 years.

Vicki Miller , Executive Director

On behalf of Inc. Magazine, I would like to thank you for your participation in our annual Growing the Company Conference. Your session was evaluated by attendees based on a scale of 4 (excellent) to 1 (poor). Your average score was 3.96…the highest scoring session!.

Beth Sheehan , Conference Partner
Inc. Magazine

When I first heard Jack Daly speak at the national conference earlier this year, I just knew we had to bring him to Milwaukee. He takes powerful material, adds his personal street smarts and actual experience, and delivers a wallop of words that every CEO needs to hear once in a while. And I want my top sales person to hear the same message with me.

Peter Gottsacker , President
Wixon Fontarome

Your session today was incredibly insightful and your fundamentals are great reminders to focus on what matters to build trust with clients and prospects. As a business owner, there were plenty of moments in which I took a hard look at how our companies operate, and I recognized the need for some real change. This evening, I have generated three goals for each of our companies, and I intend to personally track each one with metrics and honest feedback within our team.

Turner Inscoe
Cambridge Development Group

Thanks again for the outstanding workshop. Of the many I’ve attended over 30 plus years, I walked away from yours with the most concrete ideas and value for money – by far. Please note that your workbook will not sit on our shelves. I don’t think you had even left when the room when our team had pulled together to go through it. We start implementing Monday morning.

Anne Cochrane

Jack greatly helped our organization gain clarity around our strategic vision and direction. His background from being an entrepreneur to running large organizations provides him with a unique perspective as CEO of Professional Sales Coach. Whether it is tackling the toughest sales problems or the toughest triathlon you can count on “IronMan” Jack to take you across the finish line.

Justin Abernathy , Co-Founder

I had the opportunity to see Jack in action during his visit to an event put on by EO Calgary in January 2014. He is easily the best speaker that I’ve seen to date and he packs a ton of energy to the stage! We left the event feeling not only rejuvenated about connecting with our prospects, customers and clients but also full of new exciting ideas that I can’t wait to implement right away.

Derek Major
Eligeo CRM In

We at Oakworth Capital have implement Jack’s techniques and methods over the course of our relationship with him, and it has made us a higher performing financial institution. Our annual client retention rate is 99.5%. Earnings increased over 32% last year. The average annual shareholder return for the past six years is 16.7%. Oakworth Capital Bank is performing at a higher level thanks to Jack Daly.

Forest Whatley
Oakworth Capital Bank

Jack has trained thousands of our nation’s heroes, military recruiters from all branches including the Canadian Armed Forces on multiple occasions. Jack always knocks it out of the park and leaves my clients begging for more. Jack is a win-win for my clients, as they gain so much insight on how to become a better recruiter and they also get to apply Jacks tips and techniques in their personal life.

Steve Davis , President, COO & Founder
FederalConference.com & DavisTrapp, LLC

Jack spoke at the Belfast Open Day yesterday to a capacity audience of 200. His passion, enthusiasm, relevant experiences and stories lit up the room and everyone went away feeling they had achieved excellent value and plenty of very valuable take away action points. Overall ratings by the members were 99% for value and presentation.

Edmund Johnston
Vistage International

Thank you Jack and thank you for a great job! Since 1998 we have run 27 conferences of this type. Ours is a tough crowd so your evaluation score is all that much more meaningful-a 4.96 out of 5! In fact only Jim Collins has scored over a 4.95 at one of our gigs.

Bob Grabill
Chief Executive Network

Before we began working with you we lacked a coherent sales and marketing system to capture leads and convert them to clients. Since that time we have implemented a new CRM system, completely overhauled our website, identified our core prospects, and successfully increased our sales by over 50%. Since we began working with you we have far surpassed the original goals that we set from day one as a direct result of the collaboration between your team and ours. You have helped us focus on the most important aspects of our business which has allowed us to thrive during a period of turmoil for many of our peers. Thank you again for the superior communication, service, and coaching that has moved Fabian Wealth Strategies to the next level.

David Fabian , CEO
Hyperion Asset Management, Fabian Wealth Strategies

Our conversion rate went through the roof after seeing you. We went from around $900 million funds under management at the time to $3.2 billion today and that occurred in the aftermath of the great financial crisis when many of our competitors were struggling. I feel a sincere thank you is in order for all that you have done to help us

Tim Samway , CEO
Hyperion Asset Management Limited

Your time with our team has them really fired up (Jack’d up) and it is a really exciting thing to see.  In my wrap up on Friday following your presentation, I asked everyone to identify a minimum of 3 things that they will be doing differently based upon your time with us, things that they will be using to grow exponentially this year, and that can be discussed openly on coaching calls that I have with them.   I set a timeline of today to have them over to me, yet almost the entire team had them to me Saturday and Sunday.  I even had one of our newest reps work backwards to his goal- he defined his success, and charted backwards to the present- and he did this while flying on his flight home early Saturday morning!   I am really excited Jack.  

Your time with us was all that we could hope for and more, which is the understatement of the year.  

Ed Davis , National Sales Team Leader
Medical Solutions Suppliers

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