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Hyper Sales Growth

“Winning teams result from strong cultures and leadership driven systems and processes. In the world of sales, as detailed in Hyper Sales Growth, Jack Daly knows how to lead and win.”

Pat Williams

Co-Founder, Orlando Magic, Author of Vince
Lombardi on Leadership

If you thought you knew sales, think again!
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“What do some of the fastest growing companies know that I don’t know? Why does it seem like I’m working harder than ever only to see underwhelming results? What can I do to help my company grow quickly and profitably?”

Jack Daly answers these questions and much more in his breakthrough book, Hyper Sales Growth. Jack shares real world tactics from successful, constantly growing companies that address what’s holding you back. This book dives into big picture problems as well as the details that matter most when setting your company up for success.

Hyper Sales Growth focuses on three main components of thriving companies: culture, sales management, and sales practices. You will learn the importance of these elements and how to improve each of them to see the results you’ve been looking for. Jack Daly’s methods are street-proven and each approach covered in this book is backed by real world success stories.

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    The Sales Playbook

    "Building a playbook for your business is not an easy task but is necessary. The Sales Playbook is a great resource to guide and organize the creation of your business’ plan to grow."

    Jack Canfield

    Award-winning Speaker; Internationally recognized leader in personal-development and peak-performance strategies; Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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    The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth
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    You always strive to increase sales. You encourage your salespeople to get out there and bring in more clients. You are putting in the time and effort, so why aren’t you seeing the results you think you deserve?

    It’s time for a new plan, a new playbook. The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth is the ultimate tool for salespeople and sales managers alike to start working smarter, not harder. This book explains the areas in which both salespeople and sales managers can allocate their efforts more effectively, resulting in soaring profits.

    Learn how to create a playbook that focuses on the best people, processes, and practices to implement immediately and watch your company and employees reach their full potential.

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