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The Daly News Volume 104

Apr 24, 2018

Bonnie’s East Coast Service Update

We have had many inquires about the details for Bonnie’s East Coast memorial service. The date is Friday, June 1 at 12pm on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The service will be on the beach and last about 60 minutes. Casual dress is requested, food and drinks to follow.


It’s become clear to me in the past year of my CEO Coaching that sales people and their organizations are falling way short of the mark in this all important ingredient to professional and top performance selling. So, here are some tips:

  1. The Sales Manager is a critical ingredient to each sales person’s success here. Things that get measured get done, and at a minimum a review of pipelines needs to happen at least on a monthly basis (although all will benefit even more from a weekly review). This review is not meant to be a “gotchya” exercise but rather identification of roadblocks being encountered in moving deals through the pipeline. The Sales Manager should be approaching this review with the intention that the Sales Manager will walk away from the review with a number of personal initiatives that they will be taking on to assist the sales person moving deals forward. Not only does this result in more sales, but it provides for the coaching of “how to’s” so the sales person can take more and more of this on in the future. As well, the sales person will be expected to take several initiatives on as well, all with the intent to open more business.
  2. Do you have enough? Too many sales people are working with too thin a pipeline. Now, that may sound like a contradiction to what I teach, which is that too many sales people are calling on too many people. But, it is not in conflict. Each business is different, so numeric examples can prove difficult. The key here is to not rely on wishful thinking. If we have a healthy pipeline, we are not subjected to riding each prospect on an “I need this one to happen this month”. People don’t want to be sold, and a sales person who is regularly in the market on such a needy basis will send signals of desperation. If you have enough cooking in your pipe, and you are touching them on a consistent and value driven basis, then deals will happen. Research what the typical time from inception to deal is, and plan accordingly. Returning to the numbers, if you want 10 new deals to close in a month, and you only have 20 that you are working on, then the pull through gets to be tough. Have 100 in the pipe, with different grades of importance and frequency of touch, and those 10 you are seeking has a much better shot.
  3. The key to moving prospects through the pipeline is to “not be selling, but helping them to buy”. In this context, an effective Touch System will be reflective of helping them be more successful (with or without your product or service). Mixing up the medium in which you are touching the pipeline; employing a timeline for touches based upon the stage in the pipeline (some daily, weekly, monthly, etc). But most of all, the key is touching the pipeline with things of value. Demonstrate you are different than your competitors. Help your prospects with their pains and move them to places of pleasure. It’s there that people buy!


Why is this so hard to understand? Sales people everywhere claim that they want to make more money; they claim they want to be better at what they do. Yet, when I bring up “practice” we find it’s not going on. And when it is, it’s rarely conducted seriously. I’m scratching my head!

Michael Jackson was viewed in the music business from 7 years old until his death as one of the best (and, he was notorious for the amount he practiced, right up to his death). Mick Jagger is now in his mid-70’s and viewed as one of the best ever in his field, and yes, relentless with his practice with the Rolling Stones. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, and go ahead and include any sports figure you consider as one of the BEST, and they are still practicing if currently playing (or practiced religiously until they stopped playing the game). Pick anything in life, and the BEST are there more as a result of practice than any other reason. You wouldn’t hear from any of them that they’ve been playing for “X” years. You wouldn’t see them sitting on their laurels.

The bottom line is that the BEST practice. If you don’t schedule it, it will not get done. And when you practice, make it “game day like”. The times you are actually out selling should be times of celebration; where you reap the rewards from all the time and effort practicing. So, do you really want to get better? Do you really want to make more money? Do you really want to be THE BEST?


Who are your mentors? How well are you doing “modeling the masters”? I could be directed these questions to most anyone in life, and they would apply and have value. CEO’S, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals all!

These days I’m at best a casual participant in the triathlon sport. In my heyday, when I was competing at a level that got me to be a member of TEAM USA and to Kona in the Ironman World Championship, I had as many as 6 Coaches. No sense me making up the route to success; better to just go to those who have “been there, done that”. At 13 years old, I benefited from the experience of 200 successful business owners and learned the value and rewards of having goals in writing and a plan to achieve them. For decades I’ve had a “Board of Directors of my Life”, numbering 5, who hold me accountable to my personal goals and each meeting with me 4 times a year to ensure I’m making progress. And, over the years, I’ve typically relied on at least 3 Coaches on my business (beyond that of a Board of Directors or Advisory Board). All of this has served me well over the years.

Similar to my words earlier regarding Practice and the desire to be the BEST, pick whatever role model you like (someone at the top level of their field), and I would wager there are one or more Coaches involved. So, who are your Coaches, and when do you plan to get going here?


After a successful debut in Dublin in January with the Pendulum Summit, the demand for a return visit to “go deeper” has been well heard. So, here’s the deal.

AUGUST 2018- Tuesday, 9 October 2018

SMART SELLING: The Path to Hyper Sales Growth Full Day Workshop

The reality of sales is people do not want to be sold. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys having someone try to sell them something. So my first directive to salespeople when it comes to selling strategies is to quit selling. It doesn’t work.

Selling a product, idea, or service in today’s economy takes more effort than it did even five years ago. Technology has allowed for businesses to connect all over the world, meaning most consumers, customers, or clients have many options available. This means a sales person must work to build trusting relationships to win new customers and grow the ones you already have. Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure the growth of your company.

This session is heavy on identifying the things that need to be done; “the what…” and then getting motivated to actively engage in “the how” of putting the processes in place.

Key Learnings:

  • Earning trust by caring first
  • Leveraging centers of influence
  • Perception of Value is key to Differentiation
  • Goal achievement thru specific activities
  • Measurement and Accountability Systems
  • Turning prospects into clients via pipeline management
  • Creating a “value to the prospect” Touch System
  • Reducing, if not eliminating objections
  • Quickly identifying and adjusting to Personalities
  • Helping others buy instead of selling them something



    • Melbourne – 23 July 2018
    • Sydney-24 July 2018
  • Brisbane- 26 July 2018

We are so excited to be coming back to Australia for my Winning Sales Strategies, Driving Sales Workshop.

If you’re ready to accelerate your business growth, join us for Jack Daly’s Winning Sales Strategies Seminar Sales Workshops! If you’re a salesperson or sales director who is constantly looking for the edge that can take your team to an explosive new level of growth and success, then the advantage you and your team are continually seeking has just landed in your lap. Jack Daly’s Winning Sales Strategies Workshops are loaded with game-changing tactics and strategies that should always be within arm’s reach of every business and sales professional. In these powerfully practical workshops Jack shares the time-tested sales techniques that work to drive the growth.

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Register for today for one of only three remaining Sales and Management Summits. Our workshop calendar is significantly smaller than years past so start planning today to join Jack in one of the cities below……

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After road testing the concept in Philly in January, to rave reviews, we elected to add a few more. Feedback was that companies could send several more of their team given the lower entry investment, and getting their teams out in the field with “Jack’d Up Energy” and selling tools that same afternoon.


Here’s the schedule of cities I will be conducting programs in over the next few months (some for clients, others are open seat workshops.) I may have flexibility in my scheduling for lunch, dinner or more should someone have an interest. If you see I’m headed to your part of the world, feel free to email [email protected].

Apr– Charlottesville, Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

May– Orlando, Philly, China, and Cape May.

June-San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


Our fall Get Jack’d Magazine is now live and in circulation. If you would like to receive copy, just email [email protected] with your street address (USA only), or click here for the online version. The magazine is free and loaded with actions to increase your success as a salesperson, sales manager or business owner. Time to GET JACK’D!


What, you didn’t know Jack is all over You Tube with his own Channel. Subscribe now and benefit from a quick “Jack Fix” to start your sales day, along with a take action proven system/process for additional business success. Here are a couple to wet your appetite!


I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many EO events over the years, but last month we added a new feature to my standard type talk, which was initiated by the Learning Chair. Prior to my session, we had something akin to a speed dating or Shark Tank exercise. Business Owners were given 15 minutes with me in a one-on-one fashion to describe their business/opportunity/challenge and for me to dispense my best advice (given the limitations of time). I was skeptical of the program, thinking in that time frame it might be like going to the Doctor and expecting solid advice for our illness. Well, not only did I find it fun and challenging, but the feedback from each of the 5 companies that I worked with reported back on the high value impact the session made on their business!

Speaking of those sessions, one of the participants was a husband/wife team Founder/Owner of dateboxclub.com. Maureen and Mike told me they launched the business to help couples connect with each other. They deliver monthly at-home date nights that center around interaction, communication and engagement; fun experiences that couples enjoy doing together. This then goes beyond the typical dinner or movie, and I encourage you to take a look! Beyond what you will see, we identified a strategy that could likely scale their business 100x! Hats off to the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Chapter for such an innovative addition to a Chapter event.

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