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The Daly News Volume 102

Feb 28, 2018


– January found me in Dublin, Ireland participating in the Pendulum Summit, impacting more than 6,000 business leaders over the 2 day program. Day one, I focused on the keys to sales success; day two I centered on the keys to Hyper Growth at the Leadership level. Safe to say, everyone left “Jack’d Up”.


That seems to be the question of 2018 so far. “What does it take for a sales professional to be successful?” While I travel the globe emphasizing the importance of “systems & processes”, that’s not even half of it! You see, the number one criteria for sales success is the tiny yet powerful word GRIT. The thing we know for sure is the frequency the sales professional will be rejected. What’s important is the act of getting back up and maintaining one’s positive momentum and commitment to work for success. It’s about the speed of bouncing back up that counts.

As most readers here are aware, I am a 15 time Ironman finisher. What is not known is that in every one of those races, I wanted to quit at some point. In fact, in most of those races, I wanted to quit several times. Yet, I quickly pushed through and pursued that finish line. When I think about my sales career, it’s the same, but worse. You see, the Ironman race is 17 hours or less. Pull it off, and it’s bragging rights for life! As a sales professional, this consistency of rejection is every day, and several times each day. The successful sales professional is one who accepts that as part of the deal, and quickly goes back out there for the battle. In fact, in giving advice to Sales Managers on hiring, I say it simply “Hire Rudy”!


Register for today for one of only four remaining Sales and Management Summits. Our workshop calendar is significantly smaller than years past so start planning today to join Jack in one of the cities below……

**NEW 1/2 Day Sales Workshops

After road testing the concept in Philly last month, to rave reviews, we elected to add a few more. Feedback was that companies could send several more of their team given the lower entry investment, and getting their teams out in the field with “Jack’d Up Energy” and selling tools that same afternoon.

  • April 19– Washington DC- 1/2 Day Sales Workshop
  • August 1– Nashville, TN- 1/2 Day Sales Workshop


We are so excited to be coming back to Australia for my Winning Sales Strategies, Driving Sales Workshop.

Take your team to an explosive new level of growth and success with groundbreaking sales leadership tactics and strategies.Internationally renowned sales management expert, Jack Daly brings over 30 years of field-proven experience to provide essential techniques to accelerate business growth, drive sales and build a world-class sales organization. Many sales executives understand sales skills but execute them poorly. This highly interactive seminar provides proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while building long-term client relationships.

Cities and dates below, register today for the best, early bird pricing:

  • Melbourne – 23 July 2018
  • Sydney-24 July 2018
  • Brisbane- 26 July 2018


Always a tough topic but one which must be addressed. In summary, HIRE SLOWLY, FIRE QUICKLY. The longest time in a Manager’s life is the day you lose faith in someone and the day you do something about it. You see, low turnover is NOT a good thing. Low turnover of good people is a good thing. But, if are not regularly removing poor performers from the team, the performance of all will decline. (Kinda like the bad apple in the barrel analogy). Not only that, but keeping a poor performing sales person will make it that much more difficult to attract and retain top sales pros. Managers overall take much too long to make this decision. You can make a pretty accurate call here within the first thirty days, and in fact often within the first week. For the past 15 years I’ve traveled the globe asking managers if they ever remember firing someone too soon. There results plenty of laughter on that one. Quite the contrary, the sentiments after the deed is done is expressed as “what took us so long?” I’m convinced that each of us is going to be terrific at something, so if they aren’t performing at your company, help them find their path to success.


Last year I announced my decision to take on interested clients that would like my personal guidance in growing their businesses in a Hyper Growth fashion. If you have an interest, email [email protected] or call 888-298-6868 to arrange for us to talk. I have three open spots left for 2018.

A thumbnail summary of what I will bring to the engagement: a) Accountability – my standards are high, expect no room to “hide”; b) Focus – Focus precedes success means curtailing chasing shiny objects; c) Devil’s Advocate – Be prepared for your Coach to ask “WHY”, and we mean repeatedly; d) Catalyst for Hyper Growth – Too often what holds us back is our limited thinking. Here is where we unleash for Hyper Growth; e) Networker for Resources – The Coach is the “go to” resource for matching needs with the talent that exists world-wide; f) 3rd Party Sounding Board – Coach brings a fresh set of eyes to your business at a CEO perspective.

Let’s talk – 888-298-6868 or [email protected]for an appointment.


We get asked all the time, “What do we need to do to grow sales better?” After getting a snapshot of their situation, the answer starts with 3 important questions:

To improve your results, check out our Amazon best-seller The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth, by Jack Daly and Dan Larson. It’s an Amazon best-seller and available through ForbesBooks. A content rich guide how to build hyper sales growth systems, processes and sales tools into a Sales Playbook to grow and scale your results.

Get a free Sales Playbook Summary file shows you the key pieces and how to put it together http://leveragesalescoach.com/summary/. Or contact Dan at (800) 565-6516 or [email protected] to help you strategize your Playbook and situation with the company owner and Sales Manager.

  • PEOPLE: Key People, Rank Team, Profile the Position, Mindset & Attitude, Recruiting & Upgrading
  • PROCESSES: Goal Achievement, Sales Process, Pre-Call Planning, Pipeline Management, Touch System
  • PRACTICES: Value-Selling, Model the Masters, Personality Styles, Best Questions & Active Listening, Objections & Best Responses, Success Stories, Sales Meetings.


THE FOUR. Here are a few teasing tidbits, but invest 6 hours and devour this book. It will help you design how best to navigate your way in a fast changing business world we operate in today.

  • “Forty-four percent of U.S. households have a gun, and 52 percent have Amazon Prime. Half of all online growth and 21 percent of retail growth in the U.S. could be attributed to Amazon. When in a brick-and-mortar store, one in four consumers check user reviews on Amazon before purchasing. Amazon registered more revenue after 22 years than Walmart did after 35 years.”
  • “Just as we witnessed the percentage of our populace working in agriculture decline from 50% TO 4% IN A CENTURY, WE’LL SEE A SIMILAR DROP OVER THE NEXT 30 YEARS IN RETAIL.”
  • “ In the first quarter of 2015, the iPhone accounted for only 18.3 % of the smartphones shipped globally, but 92 % of the industry’s profits. That’s luxury marketing.”
  • “There are 1.4 billion Chinese, 1.3 billion Catholics, and 17 million people who endure Disney World each year. Facebook has a meaningful relationship with 2 billion people. People spend more time on the platform than any behavior outside of family, work, or sleep.”
  • “Apple is considered the most innovative company in the world. Amazon, the most reputable. Facebook is thought of as the best firm to work for. But the trust we place in Google is unrivaled.”
  • “More than 467 million people are on LinkedIn, and not just any 400 million.”
  • “Excellence, grit, and empathy are timeless attributes of successful people in every field.”


What, you didn’t know Jack is all over You Tube with his own Channel. Subscribe now and benefit from a quick “Jack Fix” to start your sales day, along with a take action proven system/process for additional business success. Here are a couple to wet your appetite!


Our fall Get Jack’d Magazine is now live and in circulation. If you would like to receive copy, just email [email protected] with your street address (USA only), or click here for the online version. The magazine is free and loaded with actions to increase your success as a salesperson, sales manager or business owner. Time to GET JACK’D!


Access to online Jack Daly materials 365 days/24 hours for teams. Members continue to join from around the world and we are very excited to have so many new members from Australia, Europe and Peru (and of course, our American friends) who recently joined the HSG Family. Jack just finished a live call last week on May 19th with many CEOs and Sales Managers to announce our “new and improved” HSG program with new modules and features created specific for Sales Managers of teams of 5 and greater. For a limited time, we are offering the entire program for 1 payment of $1,997 (as compared to $297 per month plus set-up fees) – this is a 48% SAVINGS! Let Jack work with your organizations 365 days per year to motivate, train and provide cutting-edge and proven strategies and tactics to improve your sales results. To receive this special price and get set-up, please contact my partner, Jeff Shavitz at [email protected] at 561-988-8300. For people interested in the individual membership at $97 per month, visit www.jackdalytraining.com.


The frustrating part of what I do as a speaker/teacher is relying on others to “take action”. Frustrating especially when you hear about the challenges of a tightened economy, and yet too many folks not taking the actions needed to WIN.


My name is Pascal St-Jean. We briefly met in Calgary during our Sales Training a few months ago. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve implemented the techniques from both your books and have shared the books with all my members. Many have seen success because of these changes and everyone is building a playbook.

One member in particular who had a major pivot for his business; went from Consumer facing and into Enterprise Sales. Utilizing your books as well as my coaching and support for the our TEC Group. He’s just landed his first major enterprise account with a Fortune 500 company.

Please continue to do what you do. We are all benefiting from your knowledge, passion and energy.

I look forward to meeting again next time you are in Ottawa.

All the best

Pascal St-Jean


I want to thank you again for your effort earlier this year. Our OEM sales team and I attended your workshop in Birmingham AL and they are going to make their targeted number this year! Your structure and training was a winner and as in the past with other sales teams I have lead, you have been a large part of our success!

Regards, Stan Schultz Bailey International VP of Sales & Market

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