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Taking Action with Jack Daly (October 2018 Vol.1 )

Oct 3, 2018

I tell my audiences every day that the key to success is taking action. Take a minute to look over this weeks featured articles and videos that highlight the different ways you might take action and have it positively benefit your bottom line……

Management Skills You Need to Lead a Successful Team holding them back by Clifford Chi

On the Fourth of July, I was feeling rather patriotic, so I decided to binge watch the HBO classic Band of Brothers. The critically acclaimed mini-series takes place in Europe during World War II, recounting Major Richard Winters’ leadership of Easy Company from a grueling boot camp to the invasion of Normandy and on to the end of the war. The series is a touching tribute to these brave soldiers, and in my humble opinion, it deserves all seven of the Emmys it won.

But if there’s one thing I’ll remember about this show, it’s a scene that’s only three minutes long: Major Winters orders an ambush on Axis soldiers who are resting in an embankment across a field from them. But before his soldiers can charge, he tosses a smoke grenade and bolts across the field alone. He wanted the Axis to target him before they could target his men.

Major Winters was willing to sacrifice his own life to preserve his company’s, and his courage and selflessness remind military leaders everywhere that you should serve others before you serve yourself. If you lead a team at work, this scene will also resonate with you — your job is to help your people succeed and achieve their goals.

But being a great leader isn’t something you can easily pick up and just start doing. Like any other skill, you have to work on it. So before you start channeling your inner Major Winters, here are eight management skills you need to learn to lead a team toward success.

1. You make your people feel safe at work.

Major Winters was an easy leader to follow because he always trekked into danger first, fought for his men, and did everything he could to protect them. He absorbed most of the risk so his men had a better chance of survival. And they respected and revered him for it.

Great leaders are always willing to protect their people, even if it means sacrificing their own interests, comfort, and a good metric or two. They want their people to feel safe at work. They want them to always know that they won’t get chewed out or lose their job if they fail. Their people know they can grow from these failures. And this results in a higher level of trust and cooperation.

When a leader risks and sacrifices herself to protect and improve her people, they’re willing to move mountains for her. Why? Because they know she’s already doing the same for them.

2. You can change your mind.

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Sales gets a bad rap, but it’s essential to your business by Scott Oldford

Sales has a bad a reputation, and rightly so because so many people go about sales all wrong.

But, good sales is like having a good relationship: Both of you should get something positive out of it.

If you’re not both leaving the sales call feeling inspired and motivated about talking the next step, you don’t have your sales game down.

So, if you feel like you’re leaving a lot of money on the table, and that you and your sales team aren’t closing enough deals (or wasting too much time on too many sales calls), listen up because this article is what you need.

My friend Jesse Elder taught me this four-step sales process, and it’s helped me and my team generate $5 million-plus in sales over the last 18 months (and we’re growing month-on-month). It’s changed how we approach our entire sales engine, and if you generate most of your revenue through sales calls and one-to-one meetings, it will change your entire approach, too.

Step 1: Illuminate your customers’ pain.

Your first step is to help your prospect appreciate their current pain, so the beginning of every sales call needs to focus on them, their story and their business — so you can establish common ground.

You have to understand their situation, and where they currently are on their journey. Listen to them. Ask them about their business and life, and sit back as they tell you their story. Takes notes and take it all in, and then flip their focus onto their current situation by asking, “How’s your month been?”

This simple question is one of the most powerful you can ask, as it gets them to think about where they are now: the good and the bad. It’s rare you’ll come across entrepreneurs who are completely content with where they are. They’ll likely share some good news with you, but also focus on what they’re unhappy with.

Take notes as they tell you about their pain, problems and challenges. You don’t need to illuminate their pain, because with that simple question they’ll do it on their own.

Step 2: Visualize their vision.

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The born salesperson by Seth Godin

There’s no such thing as a born salesperson.

What there are… are people with empathy and learned charisma who choose to work hard.

If you show up and show up and show up, and care enough to learn to connect, you will have a skill for life.

In the meantime, consider getting yourself hooked on 30 minutes a day of audio that trains you to sell. It takes a while, but it’s learnable.

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