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Taking Action with Jack Daly ( November 2018 )

Nov 28, 2018


I tell my audiences every day that the key to success is taking action. Take a minute to look over this weeks featured articles and videos that highlight the different ways you might take action and have it positively benefit your bottom line……

How to Make Pipelines and Sales Funnels Work for You by Laurel Mintz

It always amazes me how many people assume marketing is the magic bullet to increased sales and revenue for a business. While marketing is critical and the funnel to sales, it alone does not a sales strategy make. We often talk about the 3 to 5 touch points a brand needs to make from a marketing standpoint, but it’s just as important to talk about what happens before and after the marketing team does its magic.

Pipeline Development

A pipeline is the feeder to all things sales. In fact, if you don’t know how many people are in your pipeline currently, and what your conversion or close ratio is, you’re probably one of the millions of businesses out there that’s on the sales struggle bus.

Knowing your numbers in sales is like following a good recipe. When you know the ingredients, you’ll know what’s going to come out of the oven. But, if you forget a few components, you’ll wind up with a tasteless, flat cake that no one wants to eat. It’s the same thing in sales.

Developing a pipeline can and should come from both online and offline efforts. So step one should be determining your pipeline (sales) baseline. If you’re starting from zero, this should be copied directly from your pro forma as a hypothesis to be tested.


Jump Start Prospect Conference Call Meetings! by Caryn Kopp

Have you noticed that more and more prospect meetings are being held by conference call? With technology hiccups, people talking over each other and calls that drop, how do we make sure that the time we spend on these calls is the most productive time possible? Time with prospects is like valuable real estate. It’s important to use every moment wisely. Here are a few tips you can employ ahead of the call and at the beginning of the call:

Start the meeting off right!

1. Ahead of time: Send conference call links and the agenda with the calendar invite. Avoid the time-wasting mad scramble of attendees finding the right dial-in information or needed notes.

2. Ahead of time: Ask for cell phone numbers at the time the meeting is booked. Just in case you need to communicate offline during the meeting due to a tech issue.

3. Ahead of time: Have a back-up conference line ready to go just in case.


Happily and Productively Remote by Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Not long ago, the CFO of a fast-growing $150 million company with 80 sales reps was planning to move to a bigger, better location. I suggested that he not move everyone into the new space and, instead, arrange for some of the reps to work remotely. I was shocked by his answer: “No, because I don’t trust them.” (I didn’t ask how the reps felt about him, but trust usually goes two ways.) There are still far too many business leaders who believe that if they can’t physically see their employees, the employees aren’t working.

These companies hold onto this belief despite the fact that the data show exactly the opposite: Remote workers are more productive and more satisfied than those tied to their desks in the workplace. In addition to finding that remote workers work four more hours per week than on-site employees, Gallup reported in its 2017 “State of the American Workplace” that 43 percent of U.S. employees now work virtually at least some of the time. This number continues to rise in big part because younger generations demand more flexibility. Remote work options help you attract these workers, and also help you retain the 35 percent of employees that, according to Gallup, would change jobs for one that would allow them to work off-site full time.



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Is there a marketing person leading the IT team? by Seth Godin

Because the IT team is interacting with your customers. And they call them users. Or ignore them.

The local bank, for example, decided that adding a seventh and eighth digit to its two-factor authentication system would make it more secure (it’s a vanishingly small difference, but that’s a story for another day.) I’m sure that they didn’t consider the cost to the thousands of customers who will use it millions of times of day. Remembering 43948394 is very different than remember 439234.

Or consider this note from the TTP website:

“Please remember to revisit our website for your application status updates. Notification of when you may schedule an interview appointment (if one is needed) will only be posted here.”

Check back when? How often?

While it might be more convenient for them to forego sending out some sort of email or text alert, it’s definitely a fraught moment for the customer, the paying customer who is either going to forget, or not read this at all, or miss the appointment…

Marketing used to be advertising.

Now, marketing is everything you do. And what you do either adds to the experience or takes away from it.

If your company lives and dies by software, where are the marketers on your software team?


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