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May 15, 2014

Thank you to everyone who help me achieve Amazon #1 Bestseller status last month in 7 countries. Your support meant so much to me and I am looking forward to the growth and success you will experience after reading the book. Good stuff here!!

If you have not yet purchased a copy of Hyper Sales Growth, it is an “all inclusive” guide to Sales, Sales Management and Culture. Click here and in my own voice I will tell you more about the contents. The systems & processes work, as evidenced by my many clients who have achieved INC. 500 recognition and E & Y Entrepreneur of the Year honors. I hope you decide to purchase a copy today.


I hear it so often, how hard it is to prospect. Let’s take a look at a fresh approach that will differentiate you from the competition. First order of business is to recognize that people don’t want to be sold, so quit selling. Change your sales role to that of more of a “partner”, where you are attempting to help your prospects with their needs, opportunities or problems. Once discovered, the solution at first might not even be your product or service. Don’t hesitate to refer the business elsewhere, thereby laying a foundation of trust. With a trust foundation, you have increased the likelihood that when a need presents itself, you will be in play.

The next concept isn’t patience but persistence. View the selling process as more of a courting process. All too often the sales call on a prospect is rushing to a finish line, which frequently is not in order (if the buying signals are there, by all means, sell!). We recommend a Touch System, which includes four databases: Prospects, Customers, Clients and Centers of Influence. Be imaginative with the mediums you utilize for your touches: Personal visit, phone call, email, voice mail, snail mail and social media. The key with any touch system is not only to mix up the medium, but also the content. Too often the sales person is touching with more and more about their company and/or their products/services. While this can certainly be a component, most often the info is available online and comes off as “just selling”. Mix it up with info and ideas from their industry that could help them in some way. As well, general info and ideas, gleaned from magazines, blogs and books. Touch them with things you know about them personally, like sports and activities that they have indicated interest in. I rarely run into people who don’t enjoy having fun, so throw that occasionally in the mix.

Build a system of what and when, then decide the various frequencies. Some might merit some type of touch daily, some weekly, some monthly and some quarterly. Once the system and process has been established, the implementation can very often be delegated to an assistant, as was pointed out in a previous newsletter issue, so you the sales person can stay focused on the High Payoff Activities. Go get ‘em!

TAKING ACTIONA look at what others are DOING!

The frustrating part of what I do as a speaker/teacher is relying on others to “take action”. Frustrating especially when you hear about the challenges of a tightened economy, and yet too many folks not taking the actions needed to WIN. Check these examples of others, and then ask yourself why you aren’t “making things happen”.

Thanks for great day.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients and prospects.The following is a summary of my closing comments to the group:

“Oakworth Capital Bank’s core purpose is to help people succeed.  We hope that this session with Jack Daly is a tangible example to you of how we invest our client relationships.  As Jack communicated, it is best to invest in the client and not the sale.

We at Oakworth Capital have implement Jack’s techniques and methods over the course of our relationship with him, and it has made us a higher performing financial institution.  Our annual client retention rate is 99.5%. Earnings increased over 32% last year.  The average annual shareholder return for the past six years is 16.7%.

Oakworth Capital Bank is performing at a higher level thanks to Jack Daly.”

Thanks again Jack.  I look forward to talking soon.


Hi Jack- Forgot to mention, I went to pitch to IKEA last week (£2 Million deal), the day before the pitch I checked my contact’s Linked In page. It was his birthday on the day of the pitch…………so I took him a birthday cake, we’ve been shortlisted from 6 to 2 and he’s coming to the races with me on Saturday to watch the Grand National………..

I’d like to think it was the great pitch we did mainly, but the cake sure helped!!

Thanks again



My book recommendation this month is HIRE RIGHT, HIGHER PROFITS by Lee Salz. What a great follow up to my article in last month’s newsletter about recruiting! Lee and I met some 10+ years ago when he was running a significant sized sales force for a client of mine. Our beliefs about building and running a sales team with systems and processes are in such parallel it is sometimes scary! What I like most about his book is his straight forward approach, right from the beginning. No theory here, just plain old basics, with so many immediate takeaways to not only recruit top producers, but get them producing quicker than your competition. My good friend Jeff Gitomer had this to say: “The most insightful and most complete book on hiring the RIGHT salesperson I have ever seen (or read). If you need great salespeople, this book is not an option, it’s an imperative!”.  So, I’m not alone in suggesting you devour this book if you are serious about growing your revenues, since growing your revenues comes as a result of growing your sales force in quantity and quality! Lee provides a step-by-step methodology to identify the proper candidates, evaluate the fit, and get them producing quickly. Maybe best of all is the fact that the book is a fast, easy read – get it now and grow your revenues!


Here’s a look at our upcoming Sales Workshops, and click on the video below to hear more regarding the content of the day. On a scale of 1-10, these Workshops are garnering average grades of 9.6 and higher, with participants coming back annually and recording mind boggling increases in their sales results!

Click here to see the full 2014 schedule……

Australia Management & Culture Workshop this month, register today!

YOUR WINNING CULTURE – Here’s another lament I often hear:” How can I better motivate my salespeople?” My question back is what are you doing as a business owner/leader to warrant such salespeople behavior? All too often, this important and critical area is neglected, as we rush to the urgent at the expense of the important. I’ve spoken and written on this topic a number of times, so this will be short and to the point. Get the culture right, and everything else in the company becomes easier; ignore the culture, and everything becomes a chore. What actions (systems & processes) have you implemented in 2014 to ensure a winning culture? Here are four foundational blocks that should be addressed: a) recognition systems; b) communication systems; c) personal and professional development processes; and d) empowerment processes. Invest the time and effort here, and watch your people voluntarily go above and beyond.


Exciting stuff. I just finished up video recording 14 hours of material on Creating a Winning Culture, Proactive Sales Management and Smart Selling. The Jack Daly’s Sales U™ curriculum was designed to provide Entrepreneurs & CEOs, sales managers, and sales professionals the tools, knowledge, and application to successfuly sell in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. When you complete the curriculum, you will have the tools and knowledge to grow the sales of your business, grow the sales organization of your business in quantity and quality, and effectively build a culture that attracts A-players.

Take a look and enroll today for your one year membership!


Here’s the schedule of cities I will be conducting programs in over the next few months (some for clients, others are open seat workshops.) I may have flexibility in my scheduling for lunch, dinner or more should someone have an interest. If you see I’m headed to your part of the world, feel free to email[email protected]

  • June– Brisbane, Philly, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Atlantic City and Los Angeles.
  • July– St. Louis, New York City, Philly and Las Vegas
  • Aug– Washington D.C., San Jose, Raleigh, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Our 2014 calendar is already 90% booked so email us today, [email protected] if you are interested in a day with Jack!!

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