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Holiday Gifts For Your Biz Network

Dec 17, 2015
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Holiday Gifts for Your Biz Network

Invest in Success Today!

The year is ending and a whole new challenge awaits all of us in 2016! Your business goals are very much alive, but what are you doing to reach your goals?

We have many resources available to help you on your path to success, and below are the best tools we have to take your business to the next level. There’s still time for rush or standard delivery to receive your products before the end of the year; great business gifts for the whole network.

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Jack is back with his SECOND #1 book on Amazon! Get your hands on Jack’s hot new international best-seller, Paper Napkin Wisdom. INFO HERE

Purchase copies of Jack’s international bestselling book, Hyper Sales Growth, in a 3-pack value bundle! Gifts for coworkers, friends and family at one low price! INFO HERE

Get your hands on all available Jack Daly media. All of the DVD’s, CD’s, & Books in our archives available for one low price! INFO HERE

Jack Daly Sales U LogoCan’t make it to see Jack in a city near you? Here’s the solution: nearly 15 hours of Jack teaching online courses to you and your team, day or night! Courses include Sales, Management, & Culture, and the entire program is interactive with quizzes, tests, & handouts. LIFETIME ACCESS for 5 users for one low price. Start your free trial today! INFO HERE

Looking to build a world class sales organization? Jack in a Box will provide real world strategies that will take your business to the next level with Smart Selling. This is a value package of books, CD’s, & DVD’s: INFO HERE

Culture is a vital component to the success of your business. Learn how you can create your culture by design and maximize the productivity of all employees.This is a value package of books, CD’s, & DVD’s: INFO HERE

Most sales people understand sales skills, but execute them poorly. In this program, Jack teaches field-proven strategies for productivity improvement, while building long-term client relationships. This is a CD/DVD combo: INFO HERE. For the audio CD only: INFO HERE

This program was designed to help company leadership in recognizing the importance of a proactive corporate culture, and its effects on a company’s performance. This is a CD/DVD combo: INFO HERE

The key ingredient to increasing profits is enhanced sales management and implementing field proven strategies for productivity improvement. Learn the real world strategies that will grow your business! This is a CD/DVD combo: INFO HERE. For the audio CD only: INFO HERE

Tired of boring sales meetings that have no lasting impact? Here are 18 action steps to lead better sales meetings, as well as a tie-in video action items to end each sales meeting with a personal challenge by Jack. A must for sales managers! This is a DVD: INFO HERE

Here are 21 sales action ideas. Listen to one action step each day and watch your business grow! This is an audio CD: INFO HERE

Jack developed this audio tool to help entrepreneurs to jump-start their business. Beginning with the foundation of an effective mission statement, Jack details how to lead your company and sales team to robust growth. This is an audio CD: INFO HERE

For any questions about our products or public workshops, please contact Gabriel Clift at (855) 733-7378 or [email protected].

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