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Book of Sales Questions… And, The Answers!

Oct 1, 2012

What are some of the tough questions you run into out there in the battlefield called “Sales”? I’m really asking you for them. Here’s the deal- I’m writing a book of real world sales questions, and the best answers, from people actively out in the world selling. Send me as many as you like, direct to my personal email at [email protected]. Over the past couple years of delivering webcasts (which are available and archived at www.jackdaly.net), we typically run out of time to address the questions our participants have. When I review the questions there are so many that are legitimate and worthy of not only answering but sharing with others so we can all improve and reap the rewards. I want to keep this offer and request as open as possible regarding content, any question will be considered. Time management, motivation, pipeline management, touch system, objections, value of an assistant, work/life balance, preparation and practice, territory management, key activities, call reluctance…and the list goes on. Whatever the question, send it my way to [email protected], and it will be considered for inclusion in the book. Thanks for taking the time to consider participating in this worthwhile project!


If you are serious about wanting to increase your sales and income, especially with less work, visit the world of LEVERAGE. For decades now I have made this a regular practice of challenging myself and others on how to best leverage the business. Let’s look at a couple examples. When I was 12 years old, I took over a newspaper route of 32 customers. A year later I had grown it to 275 customers. This was in the northeast part of the USA, where it was often cold, snow, rain and overall crappy weather to be out delivering papers in. On top of that, I was delivering the papers after school, often in the dark, then coming home for piles of homework for school. The pain is still very vivid. And, I had no time left to do what I really enjoyed and where the money was, and that was to sell!

Well, you had to be 12 years old to have a route, so I hired 5 kids of 11 to deliver my route and shared the money the company paid me 50/50, but kept the tips when I collected, as we never agreed to share the tips. This resulted in me winning newspaper boy of the year honors, and trips and prizes. I then called the paper company and proposed to have 4-5 newspaper boys go on caravan for 4 hours with me on any Saturday, as many Saturdays, for a fee well in excess of what I would make delivering papers! Now I had a 4 hour job on Saturdays making big money, and making my generous cut on my 275 papers without having to deliver them. This my friends is called LEVERAGE.

Later in life I moved to southern California to start a new company producing home mortgages. After building the prototype office, we identified 22 locations nationwide for more offices. We LEVERAGED centers of influence in the marketplace to identify the ideal managers for those offices. Each hired Manager had to be able to bring 20+ folks with them to get hired as the Manager. Within 18 months our company grew from 4 people to 750 people, and in the first 3 years earnings were $42 million. That, my friends, is “DOUBLE LEVERAGE”!

Here is your action assignment: where are your leverage opportunities? Who are your key Centers of Influence? In some businesses, your best “client” actually never has to buy from you, just sends those that do to you!

Go leverage your business and watch the business grow.

Educational Opportunities 
In order for our readers to plan out their professional development plans, here is a look at our projected schedule through year-end 2013 of our Sales and Sales Management Workshops:

Click here to see the full 2012-1013 Schedule…



Hi Jack, You made my day !

Thank you for the recognition of my “take action” sheet that my sales team was assigned. You captured the true intent behind attending the seminar and the action sheet : I care enough about my team to invest into their personal success.

We had a group meeting this morning, reviewed their take-aways, and created their action items. Accountability is next.

Your information is valuable. I am expecting a bounce in their performance as a result of your seminar.

Thanks for giving great advice and tangible advice to the team. After our Jack Daly Debriefing meeting, we went out and bought the money bags and ordered the suggested reading materials. I have their action items and will hold them accountable.

Thank you. It meant a lot to me to have a professional, like you, recognize the importance of the assignment.

Best Regards,

Evie Bennett


Last month I delivered a new program in northern Ireland to great acclaim. This highly interactive workshop truly challenges the participants to assess where they are, where they want to be, and identify the steps and timetable to make it happen. I call it “Building your own winning life plan”.

Here is what the facilitator had to say after the workshop:

Jack has just delivered an excellent and very powerful session on “Design Your Life” at my CE58 group retreat with one of the highest sets of ratings ever recorded by this group. This is a new session for Jack. He uses all his experiences as a former Vistage member and successful CEO of many different businesses in a way in which members really sit up and take notice. Very detailed workbook with lots of real life experiences and a range of exercises to provoke, stimulate and encourage major life changes. In parts of the session he is the usual “Jack in the Box” full of passion, drive and enthusiasm and at other points while he recalls some important early experiences in his own life there is a real openness and deep personal sharing. Jack has always been an excellent speaker on Sales and Culture but this really builds on those business aspects and hugely impacts on personal lives. Jack is very much in demand and only has limited availability.

Learn more by watching this video I shot while in Northern Ireland.

This program can be delivered in a half day or full day format, and is perfect for EO, YPO, Vistage, CEO Global group and forum retreats or outings. We have plenty of individual success stories to share, and if you have an interest in such a program, contact Jennifer at 888-298-6868.


How nine western boys reached the top of corporate America- THE MORMON WAY OF DOING BUSINESS.

One of my continuing themes in my training is for sales people to “learn from the masters”. Find people who are already successful at what you are doing, and find out what they do. Well, how about the founder of JetBlue? The former CEO of Dell Computers? The CEO of Deloitte & Touche? The former Dean of the Harvard Business School?

Jeff Beneict, one of the top investigative journalists in the world, had unparalleled access to these business superstars and looked for the common ingredients. The book proves to be a fast read and highly informative and “life thought” provoking. The really cool insight is how important balance is in the overall equation to success in business. This is a really great follow up to last month’s recommendation of “How will you measure your life?”

Where in the World is Jack?

Here’s the schedule of cities I will be conducting programs in over the next few months (some for clients, others are open seat workshops.) I may have flexibility in my scheduling for lunch, dinner or more should someone have an interest. If you see I’m headed to your part of the world, feel free to email[email protected]

  • October- Las Vegas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Hartford
  • November- Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Tampa, San Jose, Miami.
  • December- Los Angeles, Boston
  • January- Houston, Birmingham, Nashville, Mexico City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Q & A- Over the past couple years, I’ve produced a series of one hour webcasts, all of which you can access on our website at www.jackdaly.net. Despite our best intentions, we rarely get to answer questions posed by our viewers, so I will be doing so in this newsletter.

Here’s one. How important are Referrals and how best to go after them? If you read earlier in this newsletter, this very nicely falls under the category of LEVERAGE. Imagine having a business where 70% or more of your business just “walked in the door” by virtue of referrals from your existing happy clients and strategic alliances developed with centers of influence. Well, quit imagining and go do it. Because, this is one of the clear advantages employed regularly by top producers. Here’s a summary action list to get you started.

  • Identify your key centers of influence
  • Identify the highest probable current clients for referrals
  • Discuss with each of “a & b” above how you could possibly bring more business to them, and correspondingly, how they could possibly be helpful to you.
  • Script our how you will have these conversations
  • Practice with someone (ideal another salesperson) the script and fine tune
  • Set a monthly or weekly target for referrals.
  • Share the target with one or more people to hold you accountable
  • Go get ‘em!

If any article in this newsletter would be of interest to your co-workers, customers or clients we would appreciate having you forward it along.

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