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The Daly News Volume 107

Sep 12, 2018

September 2018

Volume 107


REGISTER TODAY– That’s right, Jack is delivering a full day Workshop open to the public. The morning will be focused on Building a World Class Sales Organization and Culture; the afternoon will be on Hyper Sales Growth. Option is yours to attend either or both. The event is being held at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Registration details:

09 OctoberFull Day Hyper Sales Growth Workshop

09 OctoberHalf Day Morning Coaching Companies Workshop

09 OctoberHalf Day Afternoon Smart Selling Workshop

Take your team to an explosive new level of growth and success with groundbreaking sales leadership tactics and strategies. Internationally renowned sales management expert, Jack Daly brings over 30 years of field-proven experience to provide essential techniques to accelerate business growth, drive sales and build a world-class sales organization. Many sales executives understand sales skills but execute them poorly. This highly interactive seminar provides proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while building long-term client relationships.

You Will Learn

    • Unique strategies for capturing and closing more leads
    • Low-cost tactics for increasing the value of your prospect and customer lists
    • How to drive greater sales and profits with existing resources
    • Leveraging the web and social media to increase sales
    • Build a world-class sales organization through recruitment, empowerment, training, coaching & leadership and a winning culture
    • SMART Selling – learn how to sell smarter through offering value and recognition systems
    • Communication – Social & Buying Styles, Personality Profiles & The Call Critique – The Relationship Selling & Management Process
    • The Laws for Self Renewal, Target & Personal Marketing
  • Everything you need to know to Double Your Sales!

Who Should Attend

      • Sales teams
      • Marketing managers
      • CEOs and business leaders
    • Entrepreneurs


I will again be running the NYC Marathon in memory of my beloved wife Bonnie, who succumbed to this killer disease last November. Hoping for your generous support again this year, so others can be protected from the anguish of this killer disease. Last year your support enabled me to make a record individual donation raise for the Jimmy V Foundation, and I would sure appreciate the opportunity to make a strong showing this year as well. https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/teamv2018/jackdaly. Thanks.

Bonnie’s East Coast Memorial Service May 2018



I’m unaware of any salesperson who isn’t interested in putting more sales up on the board. Well, here is the answer. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns; one listing the HPA’s that generate new customers or produce more business from existing customers; the other column, everything else that occupies your business time. Now, take the other column, and outsource it. Whether that means hiring someone outside the company, moving it to someone else in the company, or just stop doing it. This simple exercise will result in you generating more business and making more money. Our week is comprised of 168 hours, and time is money. Understand how you spend your time and you will discover how you spend your money. What we find in most companies are salespeople spending 50% or more of their time on non HPA’s. Remember, Focus Precedes Success. Are you focused on growing your business?


Register for today for one of only TWO remaining Sales and Management Summits. Our workshop calendar is significantly smaller than years past so start planning today to join Jack in one of the cities below……


Our Summer issue of Jack’d Magazine was published in July with 32 pages of game breaking content, including contributions from Gary Vaynerchuk and Mel Robbins amongst other thought leaders.Click on the link above to read the online version.

If you would like to receive copy, just email [email protected] with your street address (USA only). The magazine is free and loaded with actions to increase your success as a salesperson, sales manager or business owner. Time to GET JACK’D!



LEGACY (WHAT THE ALL BLACKS CAN TEACH ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF LIFE) by James Kerr. While I was touring Australia in July, one of the participants in my workshop gifting me this book. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. Confirmation once again, success is grounded in the basics. Here’s a peek:

a) A collection of talented individuals without personal discipline will ultimately and inevitably fail. Character triumphs over talent.

b) Leaders create leaders. They arm their subordinates with intent. And then step out of the way.

c) The best sports people in the world practice more than they play.

d) One selfish mindset will infect a collective culture.

e) You don’t have to be ruthless, but rigorous.

f) Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories risk failure for their companies or for themselves.

g) Like physical fitness, mental toughness is the result of a long term conditioning program.

h) Find something you would die for and give your life to it.

Thanks Richard Bates for the great read.


Jack has his own YouTube Channel. Subscribe now and benefit from a quick “Jack Fix” to start your sales day, along with a take action proven system/process for additional business success. Here are a couple to wet your appetite!


I’m going to let Malcolm Gladwell say it: “No one, not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses – ever makes it alone.” A year ago I launched my CEO Coaching program, and we now have several bona fide success stories. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is merely a few hours a month with someone who has “been there, done that”. I just had a couple spots open up to take on a few new clients. Check out my website for more details, or contact [email protected] to schedule a phone call to discover whether you are ready to take it to the next level.


Here’s the schedule of cities I will be conducting programs in over the next few months (some for clients, others are open seat workshops.) I may have flexibility in my scheduling for lunch, dinner or more should someone have an interest. If you see I’m headed to your part of the world, feel free to email [email protected].

Sept– Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Las Vegas.

Oct– London, Dublin, Berlin, Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tallahassee.

Nov– NYC, St. Louis, Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Chicago.

2019- Sneak Peak– India, Asia, Europe and Australia.



Talk about Goals and Bucket Lists! It’s now official. After plugging away for the past 23 years, I’ve now completed a Marathon on all 7 Continents as well as all 50 USA States. What are you shooting for? Put it in writing, share it with others to increase accountability, break the biggies down into smaller bite size pieces, and then enjoy the taste of success. BAM!

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