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What You Can Learn From The World’s Most Successful Sales People

Jan 10, 2019

When I ran a residential mortgage company, a salesperson named Cindy brought in $186 million worth of sales in a single year, generating commissions of more than $1 million. She was the 40th ranked sales person in the U.S., in a field of hundreds of thousands of sales people.

How did she do it? When we took a close look, we found that she generated 90% of her business from just 12 clients. The best sales people call on fewer people and do more business.

How can you or your sales team become more like Cindy? It takes a focused approach. Here are four strategies I’ve seen time and time again among the top 5% of commissioned sales people.


Quit selling.

No one enjoys being sold. The top sales people in the world make sure their clients welcome them by acting as a resource. They helping clients find opportunities, address their needs and tackle their problems the best way possible—even if it means steering them to someone else.


Focus on clients, not customers.

Too many sales people spend their time calling on people who don’t deserve to be called on.  The best sales people practice pro-active pipeline management, focusing on clients more than on customers and prospects.

What’s the difference? Prospects are people we wish would buy from us but haven’t done so yet. Customers are people who buy from us occasionally. If you sell 10 products a month, a customer buys one of the 10 every three months. A client would buy 7 of the 10 on an ongoing basis.


Make the most of your 168.

We all have the same 168 hours to put to work for us every week. Top sales people get a lot more out of those 168 hours than others by focusing on high-payoff activities.

What those activities are varies by the company. Make a list of the eight actions that are most important for you to closing deals and spend your time on them. A top sales person like Cindy would probably list meeting her best clients in person as a high-value activity.

Create another list of things that are being done to make sales but can be delegated or outsourced. Park those tasks somewhere else—with an assistant or with someone outside of the company—or quit doing them.


Commit to nine touches.

A touch is how you reach out to prospects, customers and clients to let them know you exist. Touches include personal visits, phone calls, emails, voice mails, faxes and social media.

It takes nine touches for prospects to know you exist. Most sales people quit at five, before they’ve even made a dent.

You can touch people without becoming a pest by mentioning industry information or ideas, general business information, things you know about them personally, things that are fun, information on your company or information on yourself.

Once you’ve built a steady clientele like Cindy, think about how you can touch your most important clients every day. The key is by bringing them real value. Build this frequent contact into your playbook and keep it up, so it becomes second-nature. You’ll find you have a lot more success going forward.


A professional sales trainer and speaker, Jack Daly delivers explosive keynote presentations that have inspired audiences all over the world to take action in the areas of sales, sales management, corporate culture, customer loyalty, and personal motivation. To book Jack, contact Jennifer Geiger at 888-298-6868 or jennifer@jackdaly.net.



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