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The Daly News July 2005 Issue 1

Jul 1, 2005

Our new website is now “up and running” and we are excited to finally share it with you. One of the key values of our new site is our ability to regularly update it with value ad information . This should provide genuine reasons for each of you to consider regularlyvisiting the site. Additionally, the shopping cart is now “state of the art” and not only enables the visitor toorder and pay for training toolson-line, but visitors will also be able to register for open seat Sales Workshops as well. This should make it so much easier to do business with us, as well as enable companies with folks regionally dispersed to readily register for programs convenient to them.


INAUGURAL ISSUEFor the past 5+ years I have been providing an email newsletter through Professional Sales Coach, focusing primarily on Sales and Sales Management ideas. Thanks to so many of you for your generous comments regarding the ongoing value it has delivered. Over the past year I have been gradually evolving the Company into a brand centering around Jack , as many of you have seen in our collateral material and handouts in our training andworkshops. The deliverables will continue to Daly center around Sales, Sales Management and Customer Loyalty, and the brand will underscore that I will be the sole resource providing the keynotes, training and workshops. We have listened to our clients and they have repeatedly underscored not only the importance of what in aprogram, but whoas well. Consistent with the brand, we are renaming the newsletter as the DALY NEWS. We hope youenjoy this inaugural issue, and we look forward to continuing to bring you business building ideas, as well as challenging you to greater personal and professional heights. If you know of others who would benefit from being on our newsletter mailing list, please forward this along to them and know that we thank you for that!

Approximately 8 months ago, we introduced a “bundled solution” to bringing JACK DALY’S ideas and training to companies in the most economicalfashion- “Jack in a Box”. All of Jack’s DVD’s, audio CD’s and books, on both sales and sales management are included in “the box” at significantsavings to the client. The “Jack in a Box” has been a huge success since it’s introduction, primarily purchased by owners and sales managers for usecompany-wide. Through deeper listening to the needs of the customers (ask questions and listen!), salespeople have indicated it’s “overkill for them”, as their need and focus is squarely on the SALES side of the house. Responding to that need, we are excited to release “JR. JACK IN A BOX“, designed specifically for the Sales Professional.

Here you will find:

  • ”Smart Selling” combo DVD/Audio CD/Workbooks set (4 hrs)
  • Audio CD set on Sales (3 hrs)
  • Real World Sales Strategies That Work (book)
  • Daly Sales Motivators (book)

These items if bought separately sell for $275, yet purchased as “Jr. Jack” they retail at $200. To celebrate the release of this new “Jr. Jack in a Box”, we are offering a special limited time offer through August 31 to purchase the “Jr. Jack” for $150. This is a great deal, since the retail price on the DVD combo is $200 on it’s own! Because of the special discount nature and the limited offer to our database, you will need to order through a phone call to our office at 888-298-6868 or fax at 866-870-0546. (the website will not recognize this special discount offer). We wish you “Great Selling”!

Jack Daly Announces
Strategic Alliance with BlueChip Solutions

I‘ve been speaking in the sales management and sales arena now for over ten years. It’s rare to find a client who is not looking for top caliber sales pros. The process of finding such pros is a heavy task. After ten years of keeping my eyes and ears open I’ve finally located a firm specializing in exclusively that -finding and landing top sales professionals! I am excited to announce a new strategic alliance with BlueChip Solutions. BlueChip Solutions focuses on finding great salespeople, often offering their clients candidates that quickly become top-performing salespeople in the client company. Currently, BlueChip enjoys an 83% retention rate in a market that barely reaches 23% success. BlueChip built and uses a revolutionary seven-step process, provided below to introduce you to the process behind the opportunity created by this exciting new alliance.
Here is the summary of the process

  • Step One: The BASE
    Before you hire any salespeople, you need to gain a clear, precise “picture” of the person you’re looking for according to your needs, whether these needs are current or forecasted. BlueChip helps companies build a more effective model that avoids and actually capitalizes on past mistakes in the hiring process. This helps you hire a salesperson that is familiar and comfortable with your needs and can hit the ground running with no “molding” or “shaping.” You no longer will need to stuff a square through a round hole.
  • BlueChip uses the BASE model, which stands for Behaviors, Attitudes, Skills Sets and Environment, to determine a clear, specific, measurable set of criteria with historical backup to define the ideal salesperson for your company. This is put in writing so BlueChip staff can put a virtual “face” on your ideal candidate.

  • Step Two: Creating the Pool
    Hiring is a numbers game, and BlueChip insists on attracting at least 150 people to find one perfect candidate. They use cutting-edge methods forbuilding your pool, saving traditional methods only as a last resort. They also write a highly effective description of the person you want, within the context of the position you are looking to fill, immediately raising the quality of the applicants. BlueChip also identifies your competitors and companies with similar sales requirements and continually updates databases of the people they employ.
  • Step Three: The Phone Screen
    Using your BASE, BlueChip helps you build a list of about fifteen key questions that quickly determines whether or not the candidate possesses the elementary skills or experiences required for the position. They do not simply read resumes, knowing full well that most all resumes are exaggerated and embellished, at best. They then call all of the 150-plus people in your pool for a quick 10 to 15-minute phone screen using your key questions.
  • Those that pass discuss the job requirements, the pre-determined comp structure and the starting date. If BlueChip is convinced the candidate still considers this position as their number one placement opportunity they can choose to move on to the next step. Discussing these details at this level allows them to virtually “accept” the position before they ever meet you. Those that don’t pass or do not accept your terms are politely told that the interview process is over.

  • Step Four: Be Objective
    Successful candidates move on for a “third-party” opinion, a comprehensive online test that clearly evaluates a salesperson’s sales knowledge, sales skills, and business acumen, as well as their passion for success, their behavior and their personality. Merely using any one of these areas is insufficient when analyzing a candidate, and it is crucial that every candidate pass this online screen in its entirety. Using years of experience, BlueChip recruiters and account managers carefully analyze the results and select the top 15-20 people to move on.
  • Step Five: The Interview
    There are two main objectives to the interview. The first is to test inconsistent answers and cheating. BlueChip now asks more detailed, highly relevant questions to verify that the candidates actually took the test. The second objective is more important: BlueChip verifies that the candidate can actually sell. Using fine-tuned interviewing skills from years of experience in the field, BlueChip recruiters and account managers take up to two hours to test the candidates’ sales skills, their people and communication skills, their past history and their ability to understand the big picture for your business model.

    In addition, the candidate is asked to complete a home study assignment, typically consisting of market research on your company and your competition (or other areas of your interest) that helps them to develop a prospect list and a 12-month sales plan. This gives great insight into the candidate’s process, their continued interest and their ability to meet a deadline. BlueChip Solutions then “grades” the homework and analyzes the results. Those that “pass” move on to the next step.

  • Step Six: The Audition
    Each finalist is brought in for an “audition” with BlueChip in order to go buckle to buckle and make the candidate sweat. If you require your candidate to network effectively and make appointments with their existing clients, BlueChip asks the candidate to network in front of them. BlueChip also tests candidates for bonding and rapport skills by treating a candidate just as a typical prospect may treat the eventual hire. The great ones will find a way to build rapport with BlueChip, just as they would with a client.
  • Step Seven: Make the Offer
    BlueChip makes it simple. If they pass the audition, BlueChip performs an in-depth background and reference check based on the client’s pre-determined criteria and agreed upon by the candidate. Remember: BlueChip and their clients pre-negotiate a fixed salary, a comp plan and an intended starting date… before the process begins! BlueChip documents this in clear and consistent writing so the candidate is prepared to accept your terms before they move on from the initial phone screen. If they clear the background and reference checks, the client opts to “meet” with the candidate. If they like them, they simply make the offer.

As if those seven steps aren’t enough BlueChip will even guarantee the sales person. If the person does not work out and perform to your expectations they will replace the person at no charge to you. Now that’s service! I am happy to include BlueChip Solutions in my plan to help sales organizations and salespeople at all levels. BlueChip is focused on eliminating the hassle, mistakes, heartache and monetary cost involved with making a bad hire, capitalizing on past mistakes by bringing opportunities for positive change. For more information on landing the sales professionals for your company, please contact Jennifer Geiger, Chief Opportunity Officer, at 888-298-6868, or at [email protected].


For more years than I’d like to confess, I have been preaching that people buy on perceptions. This is especially true when one is looking at the initial, first time business sale. We can only buy “real value” on the second and subsequent purchases, but the first purchase is made by way of a “leap of faith”, or the “perception” that there will be value delivered by your Company, your Sales Rep, your product or service. As such, we not only have a responsibility to provide that real value, but from a selling standpoint, we should also be developing our “perception of value” campaign.

 At our training and sales workshops, we first wrestle down the important question of “Who is your customer?”. Too many companies and Sales Reps think too narrowly here, and miss significant opportunities of “fishing” where the competition is not. As well, the “perception of value” campaign will differ by each customer, as the campaign should be designed based on the NEEDS of the customer. Different customers = different needs =different value campaigns.

  Well, along comes Seth Godin, author of “Purple Cow” with his latest book “All Marketers are Liars”. Don’t get hung up on the title, as it’s designed for shock value. Seth’s point is that successful marketers are just providers of stories that consumers choose to believe. This short book “nails it”! It’s a book written for people that want to create things people truly want as opposed to commodities that people just need.

So, how about this thought? Not only must companies develop and deliver their “perception of value” (or as Seth would say “their story”), but the Sales Rep must also develop his or her “perception of value”. People not only buy goods and services from companies, but they buy from people as well. They do this on a like perception. Sales Reps, PLEASE listen up. Here Seth says it so well:” We don’t need what you sell, friend. We buy what we want.”The key is to impact the wants of the customer, and we can differentiate ourselves from others by focusing in on our unique “perception/story”. Our advice here is to take some time from the rushing around reacting to the cries of the day, and spend some quality time thinking through your “perception of value”, specifically addressing distinct customers.

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