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The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth

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The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth

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** Creating a Sales Playbook is important. But other sales drivers need to change along with it.

  • Changing the heads, hearts, attitude, drive and focus of your people on the right HPAs that drive results.
  • The sales manager’s focus needs to be raising Quality and Quantity. Train, grow and develop a team of higher performers.
  • The Playbook maps your proven People, Processes, and Practices so your people do the right things consistently. And you make it repeatable and trainable.

** Every Sales Playbook should have 2 important parts:

  • 1) Sales – Key areas and content needed to increase focused sales execution
  • 2) Sales Management – Key areas to improve how sales managers develop their team in Quality & Quantity and implement it consistently through systems and processes

Sales Playbook Key Areas & Description


  • Key People in Key Spots: Develop or hire true sales professionals. And effective Sales Managers that train, grow and develop the team in higher Quality and Quantity, and provide can-do leadership.
  • Rank Team: Know who you have on your team, where and how to improve, and deal with underperformers
  • Profile the Position: Develop a clear profile of each position, and what is required to excel in 5 key areas: Attitude, Skills, Activities, Day in the Life & Results
  • Mindset/Attitude: Develop a team that is Coachable and Takes Action on ideas to improve
  • Recruiting/Upgrading: An ongoing recruiting process and an active list of target recruiting candidates


  • Goal Achievement Plan: A written, committed, and focused action plan to achieve each sales person’s personal goals, including Minimum Performance Standards
  • Sales Process/Scorecard: A defined sales process tool that includes Steps, High Payoff Activities, Standards of Measurement, Best Sales Practices, with Training & Tools to know exactly where to improve
  • Pre-Call Planning/Strategizing: Manage time and focus, territory, key account list & planning, with a Top 10 targets focus
  • Pipeline Management Proactively: Stages of the pipeline defined, with a focus on Status and Next Steps to advance each opportunity. Matched to align with the sales process, and integrates into CRM follow-thru
  • Touch System: A value-based Touch System to grow trust relationships and to advance pipeline opportunities


  • Value-Selling that Differentiates: Why your Company? Why you? How to create a unique Perception of Value. Develop a competitive advantage that sets you apart as unique and better
  • Model the Masters & Mentoring: Ramp-up new hires quicker to productivity. Capture & use best sales practices, replicate and speed-up success
  • Personality Styles: People are different. Train how to be more effective with more people by becoming more versatile to adjust accordingly
  • Success Guide #1:  Create a guide for Best Questions & Active Listening. Develop best questions for every step of your sales process. Train and practice them.
  • Success Guide #2: Create a guide of your Top 5 Objections and Best Responses. Train and practice them.
  • Success Guide #3: Create a guide of your Success Stories using relevant stories that illustrate solutions. Train and practice them.
  • Sales Meetings: Meetings matter most when focused on Training & Skills development. Role Practice in-house or you are practicing on your customers
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