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Corporate Culture by Design with Jack Daly(DVD + Audio CD)

Amount: $225

Corporate Culture by Design with Jack Daly(DVD + Audio CD)

Amount: $225

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You can smell a culture. Spend 30 minutes or less at a company and you can describe the culture. It may be difficult to identify your own culture because you have become so much a part of it. However, every organization has one, and it’s vital to identify the key factors in yours and intentionally manage that culture. This program has been designed to help company leadership to recognize the importance of a proactive corporate culture, its bottom-line effects on performance, and provides innumerable examples and ideas that can make an immediate, positive improvement to a company’s culture.

Key areas covered include:

  • Goal alignment and ownership
  • Integrating training throughout the company
  • Recognition systems, with many proven ideas
  • Proactive communication vehicles and processes
  • Effective quick start for new hires
  • Empowering all for action
  • How to prioritize the customer
  • Leadership styles driven by personality styles
  • Unleashing passion throughout the company

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