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Coaching Companies to Greater Sales & Profits with Jack Daly(DVD + Audio CD)

Amount: $225

Coaching Companies to Greater Sales & Profits with Jack Daly(DVD + Audio CD)

Amount: $225

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Jack’s program is designed to make positive results happen through more profitable selling. The key ingredient to increasing profits is enhanced sales management and implementing field proven strategies for productivity improvement. Your sales force is only as good as your sales leadership and the health of your long-tem client relationships. The emphasis is on street-tested (not theory) sales management techniques that are immediately implementable and produce enhanced profitability. When combined with sales techniques proven to build and nurture relationship selling you are rewarded with repeat, longer term clients and, therefore, reduced sales and marketing costs.

First Impressions…How’s Yours?
Successful people must have goals in writing and a plan of execution.
Successful people have a system to measure activity and a method for accountability.

The Bare Minimum…Measure Everything!
Minimum standards of performance must be negotiated with each individual person.

Recruit Only the Best.
Recruiting is a process not an event. It needs to be ongoing and continuous.

Right! From the Beginning.
Never start a new employee without a defined plan on how to get them started.

Coach on the Field, Not in the Locker Room.
Too many sales managers manage from their offices. Proactive sales management requires the manager to be in the field.

Performance is History; Progress is Making It.
Performance reviews typically look at the past 12 months. The past is history. Progress reviews focus on what is going to happen in the next 90 days.

Knowledgeable Companies Communicate.
The biggest complaint of employees nationwide is the lack of communication.

Doing Homework has Never Been so Rewarding.
Learn from your competition and through industry trade activities.

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