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Building a Championship Sales Team

Jan 12, 2016

Sports teams are run better than most businesses. I don’t think that most people know how serious I am when I say that to a room of several hundred people. The great sports teams, the championship winning teams, have built their systems and processes and have them down so that every move and decision that they make comes as muscle memory from practicing. Building a sales team should be no different.

Throughout 2016, my team and I will release a new sales infographic every quarter with sales and leadership tips, advice and best-practices that I have learned and continue to coach businesses with to this day. Here’s the focus for this quarter: “Building a Championship Team Requires a Great Coach.”

In order to have a great team, the right person is needed to lead the team to success and reach their potential. Every championship team requires a great coach. Every coach has great motivational speeches.

Be the Coach, Not the Player!

A cardinal sin of the CEO or Business Owner is also wearing the hat of the sales manager. “I’m going to grow my business part-time,” they say. What usually happens is their workload grows while their business partly grows, if at all. If you want your business to really grow, you must grow your sales force, and you need someone building a sales team full-time.

A Sales Manager’s Role is to Recruit, Train, Coach, Build and Develop…NOT Score!

What is one of the worst things that a CEO or Business Owner can do with their top salesperson? It’s to make them the sales manager. When you do this, you usually just lose your best salesperson and gain a mediocre sales manager. Just because someone is a good quarterback, doesn’t mean they will make the best coach. A sales manager needs to be good at recruiting, training, coaching, building and developing others, not just scoring.

A Sales Manager Must Manage and Focus on Building a Sales Team!

This is similar to the previous tip, but it’s just so important. Avoid sales leadership sin in requiring your sales manager to continue to book business. This means that their focus is fixed on the customer or business development as their sales team continues to operate under-served. You are back to square one if you do this. A sales manager needs to focus on building a sales team and leading them to success. It’s as simple as that.

Building a championship sales team requires a great coach.

For my Championship Coaching Rules, continue reading the infographic. Master your sales coaching skills with Hyper Sales Growth, Street-Proven Systems and Processes: How to Grow Quickly and Profitably, by Jack Daly.

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