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Antarctica Conquered

Mar 10, 2015
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On Thursday, February 19, I knocked a big one off my Bucket List, completing a Marathon in Antarctica. That leaves Asia as my remaining continent to have completed a Marathon on all continents. This one was truly memorable, for so many reasons. I got to share the experience with long time great friend Mark Moses, who many of my readers know as a previous business partner of mine and a world-class CEO Coach. Additionally, his 14 year old son Mason joined us and completed his first ever Marathon on the great White Continent. Here we are just prior to race start! (Jen, photo here) The course was a beast in its own right with significant hill work, treacherous footing, ice, snow, and unending rocks, along with sub-freezing temps. That was bad enough, but the pre-race antics might have been even worse.

We were delayed 5 days and met as a race group every 4 hours for a weather update. More than once we arrived at the airport, fully dressed for the race, and told the weather was too bad to land the plane. In fact, one day we waited 12 hours at the airport, only to be sent back to the hotel for another “is this ever going to happen?” sentiment. We eventually arrived in the dark the night before the race, walking 2 miles to our tent camp, where we got prepared for sleep before our 4am awakening for a 5am race start. The generator that was supposed to deliver us hot meal for dinner (picture airline food) quickly broke and so we were given the choice of a cold meal or scavenging through food you might have brought (I went with Pringles and coconut cookies!).

We were witness to approximately 100 other runners going through a complete meltdown as the delays mounted. A few actually couldn’t take the anxiety and went home with the race not completed. Here are three lessons I thought of as the week rolled out: 1. Stay focused on the Mission/Vision. This trip for me and most of the others was all about getting a Marathon completed in this 7th continent. Regardless of delays and conditions, patience needed to prevail. The Mission never changed, regardless of the delays. To lose control of one’s emotions brings you no closer to accomplishing the Mission. The focus had to remain on the things we have control over, and stay positive of accomplishing the Mission. This mental toughness results in a better attitudinal experience, as well as a successful race once it gets underway. 2. Contingency plans can provide extra options, increasing the likelihood of mission accomplished. We were the second of two groups that were weather delayed to Antarctica, literally our flights one day apart. Since the first group had yet to leave, we inquired as to whether there was room on the first flight so we might be able to join them for their flight. We received the okay and were then more confident of getting to our race. As the daily delays continued, we were all informed that in another day, the second group would be flipped into priority position. We then secured our original group spots, in case that group were to go first. As it turned out, the group left that day, and we were with the first group to get to Antarctica. When confronted with disruption, seek out your options while “staying cool”. 3. Fifty percent of success is a head case. Keep calm/positive regardless of the environment and challenges. We always have control of the 6 inches between our ears, which results in clearer thinking and overall happiness!


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Anyone who has heard me speak knows how much I believe in this concept. Find people successful, and learn from their experience and actions. Recently I had the privilege of personalized tours of both the Navy Seals training program in Coronado as well as the Army West Point program. In a word – WOW! Here are some observations and take-aways we can all benefit from.

  • Recruiting
    Both programs invest significant time and effort to ensure they are working with “the best” resources for their programs. For example, each year West Point takes a look at over 15,000 to fill 1,200 openings. The Seals require an impressive performance record before even considering entry into their program. Both of these programs are turning out exceptional performers and performances. Interestingly, they approach one aspect in a very different way. Most of us are aware that the Seal program has about an 80% dropout rate as the BUDS training takes place, with each “student” ringing the bell and placing their helmet on the deck declaring “no more”. What’s left as SEALS is the “best of the best”. At West Point, they feel they invest significant efforts on the front end to identify those cadets that are best aligned with being a Westpointer. As such, if the cadet is showing a continued interest in becoming a Westpointer, then additional time and resources are invested to make it happen. As such, West Point is proud of its 83% graduation rate. There is more than one way to excellence, which route are you taking?
  • Experience
    Both programs rely heavily on a faculty that have been there, done that”. Both programs take their top producers out of the field of combat and into the classroom, so that the program participants are getting real world experience tied to the learning concepts of the studies. Additionally, class sizes were small in both programs, where at West Point for example, it’s a class max size of 18, with most being smaller yet. No hiding here, it’s time to “step up”! As well, teaching was two-way, with plenty of give and take class participation. What are you doing with preparing your people to be the best?
  • Competitive
    There was no doubt about this existing in both programs! Whether it was the SEALS in their smaller teams competing with the other teams in rigorous physical activity, or the West Point cadets in either Varsity sports or intramural competitions, there was a clear attitude throughout the “campuses” with competitiveness. As well, both programs believe there is a direct tie-in between physical fitness and effectiveness in all other aspects of one’s life.
  • Responsibility
    Whether it’s leading 8 other cadets, 100 cadets, or the 4400 total cadet corps, West Point prepares each cadet to take on responsibility and leadership roles. As the program rolls out, when cadets demonstrate their ability and willingness to lead, they are provided more and more responsibilities. The SEALS were continuously putting each at BUDS into the heat of fire of responsibility and how important it was to function as a high performance team. What are your systems to offer similar opportunities in your business.
  • Systems & Processes
    Well, I can’t stop talking about this one, both in my programs as well as my visits to these programs. I wish everyone could experience being a part of lunch at West Point. 4,400 cadets meet in formation on the parade grounds at the appointed hour, coming from the far reaches of the campus grounds. Then, all file in to mess hall for lunch, sit and eat/converse with their table mates, and are finished and out all in 12 minutes!! How’s that for efficiency? What are your systems & processes that would enable such precision, in all aspects of your business? And, so that it’s reliable on a day to day, every day basis.

Lessons to be learned from people operating from a place of excellence! Who are the “Masters” you are learning from?

Regardless of your role in business, if you don’t have an assistant, you are one! There are things that need to be done, by not necessarily to be done by you. All of us should strive to stay focused on “high payoff activities”. Check out this quick video.

Take it from Jack Welch: “If work is just going in every day and getting a check, it’s an ugly life. When you can make work a meaningful purpose, you’ve hit the jackpot for people. When you can make them love coming to work, proud of their work, think it has a purpose, that’s what it’s all about.” As a great example, check out what my book publisher, Adam Witty at Advantage Media Group is doing with his team.

In August, Witty asked each employee to write down all of their dreams. Next, his company’s
graphic design team worked with each person to create a “Dreamboard”, an over sized collage
of their biggest professional goals and personal dreams. On December 19, Witty gave each
employee two copies of their 2’ x 3’ full color dreamboard one for their office and one for
their home. These visual boards are a daily reminder for employees to reach for their dreams,
but he didn’t stop there. Now, Witty is setting out to make as many of those dreams come true
as he can and this isn’t charity? he is convinced team member happiness is the best way to
grow the top and bottom line. The “Dream On” program that Witty created for his company will
grant the dreams of his employees every year.

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by Rich Karlgaard
Publisher of Forbes magazine Mr. Karlgaard underscores the importance of Culture in successful businesses. I love that he identified companies that were both happy places to work and super successful at the top and bottom line performance wise. As well, it wasn’t all about young tech companies, teaching us that this is about lasting success. From century old insurance company to bicycle company, Rich identifies the importance of creating a place of trust and values.

I particularly enjoyed the section on hiring people with “grit”. People who have been confronted with adversity, and fought on to success. Regarding trust, how about this? “No company can forcibly pull out of employees heads, and employees will not give their best ideas to leaders or colleagues they don’t trust.” BAM! Rich identifies the five pillars of a soft edge company: Trust. Smarts. Team. Taste. Story. The examples shared are real world. The tactics are street-proven. Get the book and reap the rewards.


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