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Oct 27, 2015
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Training (Like mine) FREE! Paid for by the USA Government

I’m very excited to tell you about a new partnership I have entered into with a great friend of mine, Susan Leger Ferraro, to help small to medium businesses gain access to state and federal funds to pay for all workforce training! These workforce development funds are grants (money that you don’t have to pay back!) available to FOR PROFIT AND NON PROFIT businesses WHO PAY INTO state unemployment in all states in the USA. Most businesses know nothing about this fantastic opportunity, and IN FACT SUSAN CALLS IT THE BEST KEPT SECRET FOR BUSINESSES!

In the past few years, Susan has been able to assist scores OF BUSINESS LEADERS LIKE YOU to secure OVER $40 M of this grant funding. Her team knows the formula to get your business these training funds; her WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT grant writing efforts have been successful 100% of the time! YOU CAN CHECK OUT HER STORY AT SusanVibe.com.

With Susan’s expertise on board, we are offering priority access to FULL GRANT WRITING SERVICES, expediting your access to this hard-to-believe opportunity. CAN YOU IMAGINE unlocking $150K IN TRAINING FUNDS annually TO INVEST IN YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET- HUMAN CAPITAL, with only A 5% cost to your business. These FUNDS allow YOUR COMPANY to thrive and grow, building rather than depleting your bottom line.

We are further offering a grant writing discount for those businesses who want Jack Daly as part of their training curriculum. Please contact us at (855) 733-7378 to set up an initial free consultation where we can determine the level of assistance needed to get your business the funding it needs.

NERVE Takeaway Notes

Mid September I had the pleasure of participating in the EO NERVE gathering in Nashville. Amongst 800+ Entrepreneurs the energy was contagious! As well, an incredible assemblage of thought leaders to better help us grow our businesses. I was tasked with tying it all together as the final keynoter, and here is a summary of takeaways from the various keynoters.

I captured 7 themes amongst the keynoters, none of which consulted with one another beforehand yet the overlap was sure compelling.

  • Building a business is Hard Work, requiring discipline and focus.
  • Passion is a must: be fearless and confident.
  • Vision/Goal focus is where it starts.
  • People, People, People.
  • Culture, Culture, Culture.
  • Relationships rule.
  • Be disruptive.

Verne Harnish

  • Took 25 years for Apple/Starbucks to get to 10% of where they are today.
  • Disciple and focus are key – routine will set you free!
  • Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing.
  • Identify the constraints in your business.
  • Allocate 1.5-3 hours a day to focus on the “Main Thing”.
  • Aholes need to be thrown out. Hire slowly, fire quickly.
  • Nurture your top 25 relationships. Spend time on the “important as opposed to the urgent”.
  • What 2-3 words do you “own”?

Michael Burcham

  • Be Disruptive.
  • Read and take action on “Exponential Organizations” by Salim Ismail.

John Rich

  • Talent is everywhere; look beyond your industry- That can be taught!
  • How to keep from burning out? Passion and network with other peers of a top level.
  • In winning the Celebrity Apprentice, what was the key? Always stay focused on the “Main Thing”. If have to “suck shit up along the way, suck it up”!
  • Avoid drama and bring value to every situation. Build a “Backlog of Goodwill”.
  • Lean In with confidence in every day situations.
  • Identify where your “Redneck Riveria” is. Often the big opportunity is staring right at you and no one sees it. Are you truly looking for it?
  • Personal beliefs to success? Outwork everyone and pursue your passion.

Cameron Herold

  • Many Entrepreneurs are on a lifetime roller coaster with associated highs and lows. If so, its “normal” for the Entrepreneur and you’re not alone.
  • Jack Daly note – You can be an Entrepreneur and not feel like you are on such a roller coaster. I’m not Bi polar, not ADD and don’t have Turetts. Focus on that which you have control.
  • Learn to unplug. Seek balance.

Coach Tim Corbin

  • Jack Daly note – sports teams are run better than most businesses. They have a Playbook and prepare before taking the field (court, ice, etc).
  • Note – Ron Friedman followed Corbin and covered similar material. Corbin connected much better with the audience. The difference? Corbin focused on story telling; Friedman presented stats and data. More effective with stories, and something all leaders can learn from. Win the hearts of your team and their minds will follow.
  • Ask this question: How can you be Coach Corbin to your team?
  • Coach Corbin explained a culture/people focus as his being “the Construction Manager of Building Better Humans”. Trust!
  • People First when setting priorities.
  • No rules, only standards.
  • Leadership begins and ends with your character.

Jack Daly- Ironman Lessons Learned

  • Vision
  • Playbook
  • Measurement
  • Practice
  • Coach
  • Fitness/Nutrition
  • Attitude

Wise Words from Nike’s Phil Knight

For those aspiring to build a company big enough to make Knight and Nike worry, here’s his advice: “I say get into something you really, really love. Particularly when you’re an entrepreneur, because there are going to be dark moments. If you’re trying to get into the sports business, you really have to find a niche.”


At 13 years of age I interviewed 200 successful business people on how to be more successful in my life. The impact of these interviews and the experienced guidance these seasoned people provided was invaluable. Seems ever since then I’ve sought out “people who have been there, done that”. Why recreate the wheel? Additionally, bringing such winners into your world also brings a layer of accountability which ratchets up your performance.

Today I have 3 Coaches on my business; 6 Coaches in my triathlon sport, and 5 Coaches on my personal goals. Who are the Coaches that are helping to guide you toward accomplishment of your goals and vision? Who is holding you accountable? If you aren’t tapping into this basic “Model the Master” concept and want to discuss how you can move forward with such an approach, schedule a call with me thru my Business Manager at jennifer@jackdaly.net and we will help you take it to the next level of Hyper Growth!


There are many action items in my best-selling book, Hyper Sales Growth, and I wanted to be sure folks were taking action on the ideas presented. What I came up with was a fun, chapter by chapter video walk-thru of the key action items from the book! The program is over four hours of game-changing material that allows me to directly speak to you and your team on the implementation of the many winning strategies, tactics, timelines, and accountability being successfully used in the field by sales professionals world-wide. PURCHASE TODAY AND RECEIVE THREE FREE GIFTS:

  • Coaching Companies to Greater Sales & Profits – Book
  • Daly Sales Motivators – Book
  • Jack Me Up! – Audio CD

I don’t want you to miss any of the great ideas I have captured in my book, so take advantage of this resource as a way to help you take action and really make a difference in your business!


Failing to meet your business potential? Learn from the best and BE PART OF SOMETHING AMAZING!
I am so very proud to announce my partnership with some of the best minds in business to create an advanced and complete learning program for today’s businessman and entrepreneur.

Created by the Gazelle’s Growth Institute, the Master in Business Dynamics program is designed by top thought leaders to help you learn and implement the latest business methodologies. The program includes 6 Master Courses and 18 monthly seminars.

Thought leaders & their courses include:

  • Verne Harnish – Scaling Up
  • Jack Daly – Hyper Sales Growth
  • Brad Smart – Topgrading
  • Salim Ismail – Exponential Organizations
  • Jack Stack – Great Game of Business
  • David Marquet – Intent-Based Leadership

This program was created with you in mind… These globally renowned thought leaders are paid tens of thousands of dollars to speak at single events. Here, you can listen and interact with them live. Also, the MBD breaks content into bite-sized pieces to be consumed in less time and adjusts to your schedule. Finally, the MBD focuses on building an implementation plan for every main methodology so these action ideas do not go to waste.

The MBD program investment is $1,000 a month for 12 months, however we have early bird registrations starting at only $5,000! For all info go to www.growthinstitute.com. For questions, please contact Juan Gonzalez at mbd@growthinstitute.com or (512) 773-5465.

Help us bring the MBD to the world by participating in our Indiegogo campaign:
Starts: October 21, 2015 on www.indiegogo.com; Search: Master in Business Dynamics.


In horse racing parlance, we’re now going into the “far turn” in our seven Video Interview questions.

In our first four interview questions we asked, “What triggered you and your company into thinking about making a change?”

“When you began looking, what was your strategy or plan of action?”,

“What criteria did you use to develop a ‘short list’ of companies/individuals to do business with?” and “What did you perceive as ‘Client’s Name’s’ advantage to you?”

Assuming you’ve had a half dozen or more of your best clients professionally interviewed on video, you now know: 1) Their triggers 2) Their search patterns, 3) The Criteria they used to select your company or product and 4) The advantage you bring.

Question number 5 is “What steps did you take to confirm (or vet) your number one choice?”

I’ve been around long enough to remember where you could hand a prospect a sheet of paper with written testimonials and phone numbers.

Who reads testimonials today? If a prospect wanted to call one of your clients, would they ever get a return call?

Now, you are in a quandary. What’s really working? Were we vetted through our website, social media or a Google search?

You can ponder these forever and merely get subjective opinions from employees, peers or consultants.

Or, you can get the real story from your best clients on video, quickly, professionally and affordably.

Bob Chesney, as host of the Business Television Program, Window on Wall Street, has interviewed over 6,000 CEO’s and Business Leaders. His clients engage him to interview their best customers. See some of Jack Daly’s client interviews at JackDaly.net. Bob can be reached at 949.378.5134 or through e-mail at Chesney@Videocc.com


So, you’ve done all the right things and have created a successful company and a winning culture. Now what?

Jack Welch said, “Most leaders don’t understand the tight link between celebrating small successes along the way and achieving the big one at the end. But it’s irrefutable. Teams that get pizza when they land a new client, or go on trips when they hit a sales milestone, or otherwise whoop it up every time something good happens create a delicious dynamic. They teach people what it feels like to win, which is, well, a very good feeling. It makes people want to win more. In fact, they never want the feeling to go away. So they do everything to keep winning.”

How do you motivate, recognize and celebrate at your company? How do you retain your most talented people? How do you move the needle and motivate the middle to achieve greater results? I’m a great advocate of incentive programs – especially incentive travel. When I was in charge of a large sales team, our incentive program was a core part of our strategy. The bottom-line results were irrefutable: revenue, morale, retention, teamwork, loyalty, energy … all of it showed great improvement. The best part – the incremental revenue paid for the entire experience. The expense of the incentive trip was completely self-liquidating.

Marilyn Murphy is the undisputed “creative queen” of incentive travel. She and her team at The CTP Group can curate the perfect “wow” travel experience for your company – within your budget constraints – and make you look like a genius. I know, because she did it for me back in my corporate days. Marilyn can be reached at 818-704-7033 or at marilyn@thectpgroup.com

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