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Hyper Sales Growth, The DVD!

Sep 2, 2015
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There are many action items in my best-selling book, Hyper Sales Growth, and I wanted to be sure folks were taking action on the ideas presented. What I came up with was a fun, chapter by chapter video walk-thru of the key action items from the book! The program is over four hours of game-changing material that allows me to directly speak to you and your team on the implementation of the many winning strategies, tactics, timelines, and accountability being successfully used in the field by sales professionals world-wide.

PURCHASE TODAY and receive 3 free gifts:

  • Coaching Companies to Greater Sales & Profits – Book
  • Daly Sales Motivators – Book
  • Jack Me Up! – Audio CD

I don’t want you to miss any of the great ideas I have captured in my book, so take advantage of this resource as a way to help you take action and really make a difference in your business!


In the past 3 months I’ve returned to several clients with whom I did work a year earlier. What a compliment! Despite that great news, I often left frustrated. While several sales people took action and implemented a variety of things they learned, there where way too many who did not. So, I’m calling anyone out now who has been through my live programs or training tools. What have you implemented? What else could you be doing? We know my materials and trainings work, as we get regular feedback from client companies and individual sales people of significant growth of their businesses. Time for more to get on it. So, that being said, here are a few reminders:

  • Utilizing a simple tool such as a Money Bag, will leave a unique and lasting first impression and differentiate you from the competition. If all you are doing are email thank you’s after your calls, you are just one of hundreds, and that’s not what you want to be.
  • Key to sales success is focus on High Payoff Activities (HPA’s). More than 50% of sales people’s time is spent on things that are not “selling”. Have you identified the HPA’s in your business? Have you delegated a variety of actions to an “assistant”, so you can focus on those HPA’s?
  • Who is holding you Accountable? If you are meeting monthly, make it twice monthly. If you are meeting twice monthly, make it weekly. This alone will result in more business development as well as more sales closings.
  • Have you gone in the field for a couple days and “Model the Masters”? Identify the Top Producers, and pick their brains on their winning systems and processes. They are generating increasing amounts of business on a continuing basis. Something they are doing is working. Find out what that is!
  • Have you identified your best customer prospects? Can you describe them as a profile? Do you have a disciplined plan and timeline as when you will land them? What is your Pipeline Management System? Do you have someone strong to hold you accountable?
  • What are you personally doing to enhance your skills in the selling profession? Do you have a personal development plan? How frequently are you practicing? Is it scheduled and adhered to the scheduling?
  • What are you doing to leverage a CRM? What is your role and time allotted to this? Who else is involved in your behalf?

We have seen remarkable progress by so many. BUT, the people not taking action are outnumbering those who do? Who are you and how can you improve?


I’m very excited to tell you about a new partnership I have entered into with a great friend of mine, Susan Leger Ferraro, to help small to medium businesses gain access to state and federal funds to pay for all workforce training! These workforce development funds are grants (money that you don’t have to pay back!) available to FOR PROFIT AND NON PROFIT businesses WHO PAY INTO state unemployment in all states in the USA. Most businesses know nothing about this fantastic opportunity, and IN FACT SUSAN CALLS IT THE BEST KEPT SECRET FOR BUSINESSES!

In the past few years, Susan has been able to assist scores OF BUSINESS LEADERS LIKE YOU to secure OVER $40 M of this grant funding. Her team knows the formula to get your business these training funds; her WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT grant writing efforts have been successful 100% of the time! YOU CAN CHECK OUT HER STORY AT http://susanvibe.com/creative-capital/.

With Susan’s expertise on board, we are offering priority access to FULL GRANT WRITING SERVICES, expediting your access to this hard-to-believe opportunity. CAN YOU IMAGINE unlocking $150K IN TRAINING FUNDS annually TO INVEST IN YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET- HUMAN CAPITAL, with only A 5% cost to your business. These FUNDS allow YOUR COMPANY to thrive and grow, building rather than depleting your bottom line.

We are further offering a grant writing discount for those businesses who want Jack Daly as part of their training curriculum. Please contact us at (855) 733-7378 to set up an initial free consultation where we can determine the level of assistance needed to get your business the funding it needs.


Last month I detailed out the framework for building an effective Sales Playbook. What have you done with it since then? The Playbook is an integral part of success in Sales. Capturing Best Practices and detailing them out in systems & processes will result in a significant lift in performance amongst all on the sales team. My Partner Dan Larson is prepared to walk you through the creation of this key Sales document for success. Contact Dan@leveragesalescoach.com and he will spend the time on the phone to help you with the buildout and roll out, to be shortly followed with enhanced sales!


In our first three interview questions we asked, “What triggered you and your company into thinking about making a change?”

“When you began looking, what was your strategy or plan of action?”
and, “What criteria did you use to develop a ‘short list’ of companies/individuals to do business with?”

Assuming you’ve had a half dozen or more of your best clients professionally interviewed on video, you now know: 1) Their triggers 2) Their search patterns and 3) The Criteria they used to select your company or product.

Question number 4 is “What did you perceive as ‘Client’s Name’s’ advantage to you?
How many of your salespeople use the kind of dialogue that Author and Professional speaker, Jack Daly refers to as, “Let me tell ya, let me tell ya, let me tell ya?”

The key words in this question are: “perceive” and “advantage to you.”

As any divorced person will attest, there’s a big difference between “perception” and “reality”, but in the sales cycle, perception is all you initially have going for you.

OK, that’s not your best tool, but advantage to you, could be.

Try this on for size: “our clients tell us that the advantage of working with us is blank, blank, blank. Now that’s the advantage to them. How important would these advantages be to you?”
Here’s your opportunity, discover the perceived advantages directly from your client’s mouth, quickly, professionally and affordably.

Bob Chesney, as host of the Business Television Program, Window on Wall Street, has interviewed over 6,000 CEO’s and Business Leaders. His clients engage him to interview their best customers. See some of Jack Daly’s client interviews at JackDaly.net. Bob can be reached at 949.378.5134 or through e-mail at Chesney@Videocc.com

Jack Daly’s Sales U

We’ve had a great response to more and more companies utilizing my online university to train their sales teams. Check out this testimonial from Jeremy Pound, Co-Founder at Juicy Results:

“Jack makes it clear that you can’t manage and develop sales people part time or hire anything but the best if you want any chance at building an empire. His sales process checklist and ideas for the “success guide” and sales playbook for your sales people will make you feel like you’re leaving boatloads of sales on the table and keep you up at night until you have something similar for your company.”

Enrolling your sales team in my Sales University is a great way to begin taking action and setting the foundation for hyper growing your business. I want to give your team all the help I can, so for the rest of summer I am throwing in a bonus for any company who invests in the program. As a bonus, thru the end of August, I will send your team five copies of my Amazon best-selling book Hyper Sales Growth with your Sales U enrollment!

All of this is available now with Jack Daly Sales University.

Please watch my personal intro to the JD Sales University.

The full program is 13 hours of fun, energetic, and powerful material that can be used to train your entire sales team, from entry level to seasoned veterans. Sales Managers will get relevant methods to implement with the whole team, and best of all, you can make the Sales U courses part of your new hire training or sales meetings… anytime, anyplace.

If you are interested in learning more about the courses offered, check out the website. Here you can preview the courses, read about content, and purchase when ready. Also, please contact Gabriel Clift at Gabriel@jackdaly.net or (855) 733-7378 with any questions you may have about the program.


A look at what others are DOING!

The frustrating part of what I do as a speaker/teacher is relying on others to “take action”. Frustrating especially when you hear about the challenges of a tightened economy, and yet too many folks not taking the actions needed to WIN. Check these examples of others, and then ask yourself why you aren’t “making things happen”.

Hi Jack:
I just wanted to thank you and let you know it was a breath of fresh air listening to you speak. I’ve been in various sales roles (regional manager, general manager, outside sales), throughout my career, and I felt encouraged and revitalized after hearing you speak. Sometimes people get stuck in a rut, or feel like their company isn’t listening, when in reality, as you said, it’s about how you look at the situation and reposition yourself by keeping an open mind to improving, and correcting the approach to your role in the company. I feel lucky to have a vendor that’s willing to invest in their sales force and make them better.
Alicia Saluti

Good afternoon Jack,
Thank you so much for your presentation today at The Westin. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Being a young woman I feel very grateful and appreciative to see your presentation, I rang my mum in Melbourne today to tell her how much you have opened up my eyes as well as my mind. I have learnt tools that I WILL implement into my life; these are tools that I didn’t learn at school or university. So thank you so much for your presentation.
Kind regards,
Brodie Evans

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